My Plan for Emergencies and How I'm Prepared with a 72-Hour Kit

4 years ago

We’re not super preppers, we don’t have a massive food supply. We have enough guns for the two of us to carry and use.  However, we do have 72-Hour Kit that would allow our family to bug out or bug in. We could comfortably live for at least 72 hours without electricity or running water. We still need sleeping pads and a bag for extra clothes for the family.  When December 21 rolls around and the apocolypse happens, we”ll have a good start.

Or if we have a natural disaster we’ll be ready to take care of ourselves.  The recent hurricanes, super storms, & tornadoes are reminders that we need to be prepared to take care of our family. It’s obvious that the government isn’t able to take care of everyone and would we really want to rely on them? In the event of a major change in lifestyle (seeRevolution, The Walking DeadRed DawnShaun of the DeadZombieland) we have plans to meet up with others and do our best to stay safe and healthy.

I follow The Survival Mom and few other prepping blogs in order to be aware of what’s out there to prepare for the possibility of life without all of the things we have now: electricity, running water, grocery stores, etc.  The husband recently took an Urban Survival Class and has had previous courses on survival with the military and private companies that offer these types of classes.  As a family we’ve taken chicken keeping and slaughtering classes. Of course, the most important lessons in preparing for a major catastrophe, we’ve read every Walking Dead graphic novel and seen every episode, so we’re good.

Check out my list below and let me know what you would add.  We have a small “go-bag” with everything except the tent, saw, and some water that we keep in our Jeep. We keep the rest of the stuff in a box in the corner of the garage so we can just grab it and go, along with our weapons and extra ammo.

Here’s what is in our 72-Hour Kit:


Water (Drinkable)
Food – 3 Day
Waterproof Map
Knife – 2
Fire Starting – waterproof matches & lighter
Ammo -Will grab on the way out
Weapon – Will grab on the way out
Water Tabs
Fishing Kit
Duct Tape
Sewing Kit
Extra Socks
Hand Warmers
Survival Guide
Toilet Paper
Small Med Kit / First Aid Kit
Emergency Blanket
Garbage Bags
Cable Saw & Hand Saw
Kids comfort item
Lock Pick Set
Electrical Tape
Crank Powered Flashlight/Radio
Head Lamp
Signal Mirror
Survival Lantern/Candle
Dog & Cat Food







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