My Letter to Ellen DeGeneres

5 years ago
I told you all that I was going to write Ellen an email and send her my Dear Johnny letter.  I wanted to share it with you.  It was difficult to try to be funny, yet sincere.  I wanted her to know that I am dead serious about this, but at the same time am light-hearted about it as well. And to do it in 1500 characters or less.   Here goes:
Dear Ellen~

I need your help. I am a mommy blogger.  You know, one of those women that sit at home on the computer all day while her kids run amok.  I have 5 kids between the ages of 2 and 10 so life here is somewhat chaotic.  I don't have time to get out much, so blogging has become a fabulous outlet.

I also happen to have a small liking for Johnny Depp.  Not as much as SOME, I mean, I don't keep tabs on him or anything, but I wrote him a letter.  Not a crazy "I'm a stalker" type letter, just a friendly, come on over for dinner type of letter.  You can read it here:

Dear Johnny, or Shall I Call You Mr. Depp?

I have had some of my Facebook Fans (yeah, I have some, over 6,000 strong as of today) suggest that I send it to you with the hopes that you could possibly get it to him.    I decided I needed to go big or go home with it, so I am sending it to you myself.

Now, once you read it, you will see that I am also trying to help out another blogger momma.  Jen over at People I Want to Punch in the Throat is a HUGE Tina Fey fan.  She also wrote a letter to her back in February.  She isn't having much luck either.  The link is in my letter, you really should read her as well, she is pretty funny.

I guess I am asking you to read my letter and if all possible share it.  You have connections, you can do it.  You know you want to help out a couple of Mommas just doing our best to entertain others. 
I look forward to hearing from you soon!

I must say, saying all I wanted to say in 1500 words was HELLA hard.  I had to edit more than I wanted.  I could go on and on and on as to why I want something to happen here.  And for those of you who think I may be slightly delusional, you may be right.  I look at this as a chance.  A chance to do something for myself (and Jen at PIWTPITT).  A chance to prove that with a little dreaming, good things CAN happen if you work it hard enough.  I figure that even if  all I get is a polite decline of my invitation (maybe accompanied by a nice bottle of wine, or 6), at least I know someone, somewhere read it, and acknowledged it.  Do I REALLY think Johnny Depp is going to show up at my house for dinner?  No.  Come on people, he is one of the sexiest men ALIVE (People Magazine says so, and I am NOT going to argue with them) with a social calendar booked probably a year in advance.  Would I shit kitties if he actually did show up for dinner?  You bet your sweet bippy.  If nothing else happens with this, I'm having fun, and I LOVE it!  Well, unless he delivers a restraining order.

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