My Friends Think I'm the Only Liberal They Know. I Don't Know What I Am.

5 years ago

I'm pro guns (legally, in the right hands), but I’m pro birth control. I’m not for using guns as birth control, unless of course you count shooting the testicles off a child molester. All for that.

I’m a feminist, who right now happens to be a misplaced stay at home mom, trying not to go crazy while her kid is in school full time. And soon I’ll be trying not to go crazy when my kid is out of school full time for the summer.

I’m an environmentalist who uses the crap out of plastic bags and (compostable) paper plates, but I probably recycle more than anyone else in our neighborhood. I’m completely disillusioned about the irresponsible management of water and landscaping in said California neighborhood (land of the environmentalists ... right?).

I am grateful for the opportunity the Housing Recovery Act gives homeowners like us, who own a home they can’t sell. But I am completely against healthcare reform that supports giant drug conglomerates and takes away my right to choose what is right for me and my child.

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I’m scared and I’m confused because I don’t think either “side” is getting it right. The Democrats and the media seem to be trying to vilify Republicans with big mouths and distract us with this “war on women” baloney. I can't stand him either, but seriously, do they really think women are stupid enough to run scared and swing the vote without really addressing the things that matter? And shouldn’t everyone be on the “side” of what’s actually going to heal this economy and fix unemployment and allow us to become better stewards of our planet?

For instance, how about a representation of the accounting that the general public can understand? The budget deficit seems like a made up number that is reliant on who is doing the accounting in a given cycle.  Freeze spending? That’s something middle class America can certainly understand, but for the government it only means freezing spending after they’ve factored in all the previously agreed upon increases that neither side wants to talk about.  Like pay increases. For both of them.

I’m deeply concerned about my ability to determine what the truth really is and to whom I should listen. If the Republicans are full of crap, and the Democrats are full of crap, and the media is full of crap, where in the world does the truth lie, and who the hell is shoveling it?

Anyone who follows only one doctrine to the exclusion of anything else because of a label that’s applied, in my opinion, is being foolish. The days of ultraconservative Republicans and far left Democrats are numbered, with the majority of Americans falling somewhere in between such extremes. "Vote for me because I’m a Democrat,” or “Vote for me because I’m a Republican” just won’t cut it anymore.

So please, stop defining me as the only liberal you know ... because I don’t have a clue what the heck I am.

Maybe the problem is that neither does anybody else.

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