The Movie is Never as Good as the Book

8 years ago

I saw the movie Twilight, finally.  It was okay, but I really did like the book better.  The movie Bella was much better looking than I’d pictured Bella, and her being just ordinary was part of what made the story so great.  None of the Cullen’s were as attractive as I’d pictured in my mind.  Though I will admit, Robert Pattinson was better looking in action than I’d perceived him being from the movie posters.

I felt they left so much out, like if I hadn’t read the book, I’d have been lost.  The person I watched with had not read the book, and I do think he didn’t quite “get it.”  Maybe it’s just ’cause he’s a man.  I will say, when I read Twilight, I fell deeply in love with Edward, then in books two and three, my affections shifted more toward Jacob.  Four?  Well, I can’t really explain without giving too much away in case you haven’t read and plan to.  But seeing Edward and Bella fall in love all over again on screen made me love Edward like I did at the start. *sigh*  Can a real man ever compete with this character?

Anyway, this whole Twilight phenomenon reminds me of the whole Harry Potter thing in many ways, but seeing the movie confirmed it even more.  These magical images an author can create in our minds just don’t stand up to movie making.  And you can’t put 600 pages of plot into a two hour film.  I felt that the HP movies got worse as they went along, maybe because the books got longer, so more and more had to be left out of the movies.  I fear this series will meet the same fate.

But I will see them all anyway.  Just like I’ve seen all the HP movies.  I’m addicted.  I can’t help it.  Is there a Twilight Anonymous I can join?  My name is Janet, and I’m in love with Edward Cullen.

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