Mothers Should Run the Ski Lifts

All of this rain we have been getting in the city has been coming down as snow in the nearby mountains.  This is good news for skiers.  This is good news for us! 

Some time this Fall, we attended the ski sale at the middle school and got ourselves organized for the approaching ski season.  Maggie needed new skis and, for the first time ever, we didn't buy her second hand equipment.  We bit the bullet and bought her some decent skis.  Knowing these skis will get passed down through the other four kids made the purchase more palatable (poor Franny...number 5 :).  Gabe needed ski boots and we picked up a pair of poles for him as well although he will need lessons to help him learn how to use them properly.

Last Saturday, we packed up a big lunch, including hot chocolate (of course), and drove the half hour to the hill.   

We bought seasons passes this year so that we will not feel the pain of purchasing daily passes every time we go skiing and hope this will make us more willing to pop up to ski for a few hours at a time when the feeling strikes.  The kids don't seem to be able (or willing) to go for more than a few hours at a time as it is.

It is no small task getting everyone organized for the first day of skiing but, after almost 8 years of doing this, we are starting to get the hang of it :).  So...we got to the hill, got the kids' boots tightened and off they went.  Franny and I hung out at the bottom of the hill.  With Bridget being fairly new to skiing, we just weren't sure what to expect so I went along to help out.  

 Mags and Evie took the lift up on their own and then Kev followed with a very needy Bridget and much less needy Gabe.  Kev and B advanced to the lift pickup line but Gabe got caught behind.  I stood there watching Kev and B get on the lift as G failed to make it to the lift on time. Fine, I thought, glad I am here and he can wait with me.  Before I knew it, G was advancing on his own to the lift pickup line and the lift operator was letting him get on the big quad chair by himself.  I yelled at the lift operator that my son was too young to go up on his own and the young punk (yes, I am name calling here) looked over at me and said "ah, he'll be fine".  I thought my head was going to explode.  Our 7 year old was heading up the mountain on his own without being able to pull down the safety bar.  I was powerless.  With a heavy Franny in my arms I paced back and forth like a wild animal watching Gabe bravely go up on his own.

I had to do something. I recalled that I had seen a sign for Client Services.  That was where I had to go.  I had to talk to someone.  I came across a group of older women in the office and calmly - but a little emotionally - told them how the lift operator had simply ignored my plea.  All he had needed to do was hit the button right beside him in order to stop the lift and ensure that Gabe did not get hurt!  These women were very understanding and said that they would address my complaint.  I felt better after sharing with them and then went to the bottom of the hill to wait.

Gabe was fine...more than fine.  Once down the hill,  Maggie and Eve (with Gabe) approached me singing his praises.  "He was great!  He did so well on his own!".  What a relief!  He hadn't been fazed at all by the lift fiasco. 

Where were Daddy and Bridget? They eventually made their way down the hill but it was no small feat.  Thankfully, Kev is very patient and was able to coach a nervous Bridget down the hill.  Kev and Bridget both agreed that she needs more lessons and she decided to spend the rest of the morning with Franny and me. 

 Honestly, there is never a dull moment.  

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