I Have No Idea Who Was Snubbed Because Motherhood Doesn't Stop for the Golden Globes

3 years ago

There was a time in my life when I woke early in the morning in anticipation of the announcement of the Golden Globe nominations and, once they were out, I would study the list carefully and decide if I agreed that So and So's performance in Such and Such was really worthy of a nomination and then complain when my favorites were snubbed and then spend some time with friends asking why my favorites were always ignored. I'd keep myself warm with a little nomination outrage and then get on with the day.

Golden Globe Nominee Taylor Schilling from Orange is the New Black. Image: Netflix

Well, times have changed. I slept in today (if 6 a.m. counts as sleeping in) and then got up and slurped down two cups of coffee while making salami sandwiches and stuffing them into lunch boxes and also cooking up sausage and eggs for my kids' breakfast. The morning was all packing and cooking and yelling, "GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW OR WE'RE GONNA BE LATE!"

I honestly had no idea that the Golden Globe nominations were coming out today because my son had a French test and my daughter needed to take coats for the coat drive and I could not spend another day in pajama pants and a hoodie so some basic hygiene tasks had to be completed.

I didn't have a moment to myself until I was having lunch and then I pulled up the list of nominees and was all, "What the hell has happened to me?" I had not seen a single one of the movies nominated for Best Picture. Sure, I'd heard of the importance of 12 Years a Slave and seen buzz about Gravity but I hadn't seen either one and who was Captain Phillips and what's this about The Wolf on Wall Street?

But I held out hope because I try to keep up with actors and actresses and was relieved to see familiar names like Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock but I had to look up American Hustle  because I could only think Hustler Magazine and thought, "Wasn't that covered in a movie with Woody Harrelson?" Is that a story worth telling twice?

Spoiler Alert! It's not about that.

And Nebraska? I've driven through there twice and unless you have a fetish for stock yards, it's not that compelling.

I finally skipped to the TV nominees because I figured that would be my place to shine. As a mom, I don't get to the movies much though I did see Catching Fire because I have a pre-teen. I didn't even see the animated movies because I try to pawn my kids off on their aunt for those because I'm still traumatized by some Chipmunk movie I saw a few years back.

Television is accessible to everyone, however - even moms!

So, I perused those nominees and realized that I don't watch television either! I have reasons though. I don't watch Breaking Bad because I don't want to watch a grittier, nastier, male version of Weeds. I don't watch Downton Abbey because British things irk me and make me feel contrary. I gave up on Nurse Jackie and The Good Wife long ago for reasons I don't even remember. I didn't even watch the new episodes of Arrested Development and I love  Arrested Development!

To my chagrin, the only television show I watched this year was Orange Is The New Black  so - yeah - yay for Taylor Schilling!

This was a wake-up call. I can no longer call myself a pop culture junkie when I'm not able to keep up. I guess this gives me something to think about and New Years' resolutions will be coming soon.

Maybe there is still hope for me but maybe not. After all, while writing this, my son interrupted me twice asking if I'd seen his math homework.

I may be a lost cause.

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