Memories of a Football Mom

4 years ago

Contemplating what to have written on your eye stickers for your football game can take a while, seeing as you must have an einy meiny miny mo contest with each selection. Being a 6-year-old boy has got to be difficult. I mean you're shaping your entire image in one statement under your eyes for the entire game, it can be stressful. Thank goodness for purchasing a pack of 20 for any last-minute changes of heart.

Not only are the small, black stickers on his face molding his attitude and drive for the game, but making sure his underwear is perfectly distributed and smooth under his padded pants is not only necessary, but a life or death issue in our home. Proper preparation is everything; one crumpled sock in a cleat could mean he can’t run as fast, an uncinched belt could mean no chance for a touchdown, and let's certainly hope his shoulder pads are tightened properly - that could result in a fumble. I mean how can you properly tuck a football in that condition?

Sunday game day is full of excitement and anticipation. Looking forward to that chance he will get a touchdown or sac that he wants so badly is worth all the time it takes in making him feel comfortable and confident. If he feels like red Gatorade is more powerful than purple…so be it… red it is!

These are just some of the little details that I enjoy most about being a football mom. Sitting on the creeky wooden grandstands, or pacing on the damp, freshly cut grass along the sideline is where you will find me on Sunday afternoons. Armed with my cameras, photo pins and loud voice I cheer for my son and his team. Echoing on the field are sounds of helmets knocking, shoulder pads smashing, and whistles blowing. Parents cheering passionately on each side of the field for their young athletes to achieve only their greatest.

Watching my son jog off the field drenched in sweat, taking off his huge, heavy helmet and looking at me with his beautiful big blue eyes full of confidence and gratification is more than any mom could ask for. My son is a constant blessing from God that inspires me each day to  be a better mother and person. Football season just happens to highlight one of many memories I choose to cherish forever.



Photo courtesy of JLWinsted Photography

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