Momcraft and the Little Town That Minecrafting Moms Can Call Our Own

3 years ago

I started playing Minecraft on a cold evening in February after my son came downstairs near tears, mumbling about wandering underground for days and losing his diamonds. I wanted to understand why anyone would play a game that involved so much work and ended in death and loss on a regular basis.

So, I downloaded the Pocket Edition on my phone and started playing. The first night was terrifying and I am not exaggerating when I say that my heart was pounding and my hands were shaking as I ran through dark woods being chased by monsters I couldn’t identify at the time.

Image: Momcraft Screenshot via Vikki Reich

But I kept playing and I got better at the finer points of the game – you know, like walking. I built my first house and then sheared my first sheep and figured out how to avoid zombies and skeletons and creepers (Hint: don’t go out at night). Soon, I was asking the kids about the uses of redstone and making decorative blocks and building elaborate houses and then my son said,

“Mom, I think you’re ready.”

“Ready for what?” I asked innocently.

“Pocket Edition is too easy for you. You’re ready to play PC.”

Image: Momcraft Screenshot via Vikki Reich

So, I started playing on the PC where anything seemed possible! I could build a boat and sail around the islands! I could make clay flower pots to decorate my beautiful oak and stone, two-level home overlooking the sea! I could fish! And, I learned the hard way that I could die a million more painful deaths. For the record, drowning in lava is rough way to go.

Image: Momcraft Screenshot via Vikki Reich

And then, I did the impossible – I out-obsessed my kids. I talked Minecraft all the time. “Did you know that squid aren’t hostile mobs?” and “Did you know that you can put a pumpkin in the crafting table and turn it to seeds?!” and “I found an abandoned mine and destroyed my first monster spawner!” and soon they began to give me the same strained smile that millions of parents have given their children in the same circumstances. They’d raise their eyebrows, nod and say, “Cool, mom…” before walking away shaking their heads.

I got the hint and took my Minecraft love to Twitter and found another mom who loved it as much as I do, Susan Petcher. Soon, we were exchanging stories of our adventures and swapping tips and dreaming of a server of our own, a place where we could play together.

Image: Momcraft Screenshot via Vikki Reich

And Momcraft was born.

A couple of weeks later, Susan’s husband built us a Momcraft server and I remember the first time we played together. I saw her in the distance near a pumpkin patch and ran to greet her. We stood there - face to pixelated face - and then she said, “I found us a cave!” and we began to build our little town.

Image: Momcraft Screenshot via Vikki Reich

If you build it, they will come. That was our hope. So, we built and mined and started a small farm. And other moms did come. AddyeB joined and then Lizz and together we have built houses and struck gold and fought zombies and skeletons. Our little town is still growing – Jessi just joined us this week – and we no longer have to hide our Minecraft zeal. There is a small group of moms to whom we can say, “Dude. You have an arrow in your butt.” 

Image: Momcraft Screenshot via Vikki Reich

Lots of moms craft but we Momcraft. Eat your heart out, Pinterest. You may have pins but we've got swords.

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