Minimum Wage Hike? I think not!

3 years ago

I keep hearing the debate of raising federal minimum wage in the US and I am baffled by it. I heard about fast food employees going on strike because they feel they are worth more than they are getting paid. These employees feel they are worth more, not because of skill, but because of the company they work for making huge profits. I keep hearing that people should be able to survive off of their minimum wages, but isn’t that the exact opposite of what we stand for in this country? I could be wrong, but to me the American dream is the opportunity to become whatever you want to be, you start at the bottom and move up through hard work and dedication. The dream we share as Americans is not about securing a low level job, and making just enough to get by, and protesting because you feel you are worth more. If you are worth more, prove it by taking on more responsibilities and in turn get paid for doing more.

When it comes to the fast food industry, I am amazed that anyone is even entertaining the idea of paying $15 an hour to have someone serve a burger. The funny thing about salaries is it is usually directly tied to your skill level. If you have a higher skill level, you then are worth more and in turn get a raise. It does not take a skill to serve a burger and encouraging these workers to demand more pay is ridiculous. What we should be doing is encouraging these companies to develop their entry level employees through partnership with colleges and education programs. If let’s say, McDonalds partners with University of Phoenix to help their food servers get a college education, that is far more valuable to society then forcing McDonalds to give these people a huge pay raise.

Raising the minimum wage will do nothing more than force inflation to spiral out of control. Currently someone making $15 an hour is moving through the ranks, but if you change minimum wage they are right at the bottom again.  What’s worse is that to support these proposed hikes in pay everything is going to cost more, and I do mean everything.  How will a company suddenly forced to pay its unskilled workers near twice what they were survive? Easy, they will take that money directly from the consumer putting us right back to where we started. Suddenly, $15 dollars has the value that $9 had and your burger will cost $8 instead of $4. This is not a fix. If we want to fix this country, we need more skilled workers and education costs that don’t cripple college graduates for the next two decades of their lives. Now is the time to demand that companies work to get their employees a better education, not to force them to pay more and get nothing in return.  

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