The Middle--Halloween III: The Driving (Live Review/Recap)

Just want to start off by apologizing for the lack of reviews for the week. The family emergency took all of my time (Tuesday we laid my Grandpa to rest) and than I found out that my grandparents dog had also passed away on Tuesday after the funeral. I am back tonight with reviews of The Middle.


Previously On--The nightmare next door neighbor Rita Glossner returned and accused Frankie of stealing her hose. Of course Frankie denies every taking it but to avoid a confrontation with her buys her a new one...only problem is, Rita knows that it isn't her hose because hers was orange and the one Frankie bought was green. Frankie tries to convince her to take the new one, they fight and Rita knocks Frankie down causing her to chip a tooth. While at home she sees Brick taking an orange hose to water plants...turns out he had the hose but Frankie not wanting confrontation puts the hose in the back of her car and drives to the woods to bury it (yes very mobster of her) but before she can make it to the woods, Rita stops her and apologizes for accusing her of stealing the hose because it has magically appeared in her front yard (apparently another neighbor replaced the hose). Meanwhile, Sue takes a peak at Mike's paycheck and decides not to go on an out of town trip to support the band. Of course Mike tells her that she doesn't need to worry and that she needs to go on the trip, so Sue got to go to Cincinnati as the school mascot. Also in the episode, Brick learned about the birds and the bees...except he learned it, in graphic detail, from his brother Axl first. So you can only imagine the questions he asked his teacher when he was shown the video about the changes boys and girls go through. Of course the school told Frankie and Mike who then told Brick that he needs to keep things to himself and maybe try not listening to Axl. 


Tonight's Episode--Sue got her learners permit, Axl gets to vote and Brick volunteers Frankie for the Halloween party at school. Yep this is going to be a scary episode! Frankie tells Brick that he was told not to volunteer her for anything and tell his school that she is busy working and they hardly get to see her...but Brick says that since she isn't working he figured she could go, yeah she still doesn't want to go. Meanwhile Sue is "practicing" driving a car in the living and vows not to get into a another car until she is sure. Axl gets his voter registration information and when Brick asks who is he going to vote for, Axl replies that he will listen to them sing and then text in his vote (gotta love teens). At Brick's school they are having a Halloween party/carnival and Frankie gets Nancy Donovan to take Brick trick r treating. Later at home Axl tells his parents that he read his voter information and asks his parents which Sheriff they are going to vote for...apparently Frankie and Mike aren't well versed in who is actually up for the "smaller things" but they do vote for the "big guys" so hey that is a plus. Sue then comes out and is choose a keychain which apparently she has been collecting for years. Frankie convinces Sue to go and try out driving in a car, Sue runs out to the car and Frankie/Mike rock, paper, scissors who has to go...Mike "won" He tells Sue to start the car but before she puts it in reverse she must check everything from mirrors to wipers to even what the weather is going to be. Mike is looking at her but Sue doesn't want him to look at her because it makes her nervous. He tells her that on the road other drivers are going to look at you and you have to be confidant, he tells Sue to go but she gets overwhelmed and leaves the car. The next day Frankie decides to help her and takes the more gentle approach, she talks calmly to Sue and tells her to start the car and tells her calmly to shift into reverse which again freaks Sue out and she leaves the car. Yeah you couldn't pay me to teach that poor girl how to drive. 

On Halloween, Frankie is "pouring" herself some wine out of a box and relax. Brick comes back from trick r treating and says that it was a lot of fun and Mrs. Donovan made them hot apple cider and to the nicer part of town where they handed out full size bars. Brick tells her that he figured out that he has enough candy to eat a one piece of candy everyday for over a year but Frankie tells him that he can't eat all his candy and tells him that he can eat as much as he wants for the next 24 hours and the rest goes to the solider over seas. The next morning Brick comes out and tells Frankie that he completed her challenge and ate all of his candy in 24 hours just like she said. Frankie says that she thought he would eat some, get sick and not want anymore. She asks how he ate all the candy and we get to see how Brick ate all the candy (blender, breakfast and while brushing his teeth) Meanwhile Sue comes out to the kitchen and says that she is ready to learn to drive a real car again so Frankie decides to help her. Sue gets int he car, she has to go through her checklist again but this time Mike and Axl are also forcing her to put the car in reverse, she starts to move the car and runs over Axl's foot but freezes up and won't move the car so Mike throws her out and moves the car. Sue tells them, I told you I wasn't ready.

Mike brings Axl home and he has a sprain which is actually good because that means he gets to keep his football scholarship. Sue tries to apologize but he doesn't want to see her. Later the school calls Frankie and wants to meet with her, her and Mike think that it has something to do with all the candy that he ate. So the next day she meets with the teacher and says that the day after Halloween Brick has been great! The teacher says that he hasn't been the biggest fan of Brick because he doesn't like things out of the box but says that after Halloween all of the ticks have been gone. He asks if he has been put on any meds lately and Frankie says sort of, the teacher then tells her that whatever she is doing keep it up. Frankie comes home and tells Mike about it and she comes up with a plan to include sugar in Brick's diet. Brick comes home and acts normal as can be (asking how his dad's work was, telling them about his day etc...) Mike tells her that he is filled with sugar and is more sugar than boy and knocks down the plan to pump him with more sugar.

At the end of the episode Sue is in her mascot uniform at the football game and she is depressed by everything that she has done including causing the football team to lose because of Axl not being in the game. She overhears the team members talking bad about her and saying that she ruined not only Axl's life but the whole schools. We then she Sue, in her costume, walking home and being depressed. At home Axl is getting something to eat and Sue tries to talk to him but he continues to ignore her until she offers to carry the stuff he is getting out of the fridge for him. Sue tells him that she is sorry and says that if she could go back and run over her own foot with the car if she could do it. Sue then sees the voter information on the table and asks Axl if he voted but he says he didn't get to today but will do tomorrow....until Sue tells him that voting day is just one day. So he tells her that she can bring him but she doesn't think she can do it until Axl gives her a speech that she needs to do it for America. So Sue drives Axl to the voting booth, along with an adult (their drunken great aunt). Meanwhile at dinner Brick is having a normal conversation with his parents over dinner and Mike/Frankie say that it is great but it is weird and without his quirks he is just not Brick. Brick gets ready to say something but before he can say anything he passes out, when he comes to he asks for a book and then he starts back up his ticks. At the voting booth Axl votes and gets his sticker and they all leave together. At home the phone rings and the doctor is on the phone and tells them that Axl's foot isn't sprained but is broken. There goes that football scholarship.




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