The Middle--Bunny Therapy (live review)

4 years ago

Previously On--Frankie got fired from her job at Ehlert Motor's and instead of just going into another meaningless job that she won't be happy at she decides to go back to school to start a career. She goes to orintation (which we don't get to see) but when at home and at the dining room table looking at all the paperwork she becomes overwhelmed and cries to the only person close by...Axl. Thankfully Axl gives his mom some comfort and tells her that she will do well and that the other people in the house need to start moving their weight around. The next day Axl even attempts to work the washing machine. Also in the episode Sue becomes a mentor for an incoming Freshman. She tells the girl everything that she knows but when she wants to try out for Homecoming Sue has her reservations (she doesn't think Freshman's make anything) but shocking to Sue the girl she mentor's gets Homecoming Court and Sue later tells her that she now knows all that she needs to know and it is time to let her go free. Should also mention that the Freshman is already in the popular crowd BUT at least she seems really sweet. Meanwhile Brick upsets Mike when he doesn't make time to meet Mike's friends and engage in conversation, instead choosing to read. Of course by the end of the episode everything is fine between father and son.

Tonight's Episode--Sue comes out of her room and sees cheerleaders sitting at the table. She asks what they are doing here and the girls of course don't remember her and don't believe that she is Axl's sister (they even suggest that she meet him). Axl comes out and tells Sue not to bother them because they are cheerleaders. He goes to complain to his mom but she says that it is either her or Sue out there, his he decides to go see a movie. Meanwhile Sue tells her mom that she is ready to try to learn a cartwheel since she is not going to try out for anything this year which pleases Frankie. Frankie gets a call from Brick's teacher and her and Mike go to meet with her, apparently she is worried about Brick's new tick (him saying whoop) and the teacher asks if they have noticed it and we different flashes of Brick doing his new tick and it causes the family to think the smoke detector is going off (apparently they have never put battieries in it) and the phones are going off. The teacher decides to bring in a therapist who is going to try to treat Brick's new trick, something simple like a pet. Frankie says that he kills pets BUT accidently not like a serial killer. The doctors says that he will learn to bond with the pet which will teach him to bond with people. Frankie tells the therapist that they aren't the kind of family that needs therapy (not to sure about that one). They get hom and Sue has a cardboard box with eye holes cut out because she is now going to try out for the mascot of the school. Frankie asks Mike his opinion on Brick needing a therapist but before they can say anything Sue falls down after running into the cabinet. Meanwhile at school Axl thinks he is asking out Courtney (one of the two cheerleaders) but according to his friends everyone at school thinks he is dating Debbie (the other cheerleaders who is best friends with Courtney and the girls are always together). This puts Axl in a bind because he now doesn't know which girl he is actually dating.

Axl is raking leaves with his two friends and they discuss who Axl is really dating. They ask which one he has kissed and apparently in 3 weeks he hasn't kissed either girl. Meanwhile Frankie and Mike decide to use their own therapy for Brick's tick (honking a horn, spraying him with water or just telling him to stop). Of course Frankie decides to go out and buy him an animal and brings home a bunny. Sue wants the bunny and Brick says that she can have him but Frankie says that Brick needs help so he needs a bunny. At school Sue is the only one trying out for the mascot of the school but because of low turn out anyone is welcome to try out and they extend the try out period. At home Brick isn't playing with the bunny because it has issues but Frankie tries to talk up the bunny and goes to bring it carrots...when she enters the room the bunny kinda of growls, turns out the bunny isn't so sweet.

Mike and Brick are in the room and he says that you just need to know how the handle the bunny but when he puts his hand in there the bunny bites Mike. Later Frankie comes out and tells Mike that it is clear that bunny doesn't like poptarts but has a love of human flesh. Later Axl comes out in the kitchen and tells everyone that the evil bunny has come out and they all jump on tables away from the floor as Mike tries to catch the bunny. The phone starts ringing and Sue needs to answer it to find out if she is mascot so she moves the table, with her on it and the help of a broom, to where the phone is and finds out that she made mascot. Mike finally catches the bunny and puts it in the bathroom where it stays (and ruins everything in the bathroom). Mike tells Frankie that it is time for the bunny to go but Frankie wants him to learn to bond and attach to people but Mike knows that he wants to just read and be left alone. He than asks Frankie if they have ever asked Brick what he really wants. Frankie and Mike talk with Brick and say that they want him to stay unique but not too unique and they ask why he thinks he has trouble connecting people. Brick says that he could be because you brought home the wrong baby and I bonded with a strange woman, or maybe it is because she don't spend a lot of time with me (but they have time to watch dance mom), they don't have enough nutricious food. Mike tells him to stop whooping and Brick didn't realize that was what this talk was about he thought it was because he has to say the Pledge of Alligance 10 times before he goes to bed.

At the end of the episode, at the homecoming football game Sue is in the mascot costume and tries to run throught he banner, makes it through but falls down. She is having all kinds of fun ont he field and the family is cheering her on. Meanwhile the final play of the game starts and everything gets quiet until Brick does his whoop which makes the guy in front of them ask if they can shut their kid up because he has been doing that the entire game. Frankie than starts to whoop and says that this is how their family cheers and Mike joins in, Axl wins the game. Homecoming was a big success but poor Axl isn't sure who he is dating so he offers a corsage to both Courtney and Debbie but neither girl takes it saying they don't wear it so Axl decides to choose a girl and he chooses Courtney but when he kisses Courtney she slaps him...than kisses Debbie and she slaps him and they both leave. Poor kid still hasn't a clue who is was/wanted to date.

Thoughts--The thing that I love about The Middle is that many things you can relate to. I love the fact that Sue keeps trying and trying and doesn't let things get her down. That Axl is the dumb jock of the family but still does love his family (even if they annoy them) and than there is Brick is you would think is the weird one of the family but is really the smart one of the family with a quirk. You got Frankie and Mike, the two parents who are trying to give their kids a great childhood but get frustrated by lack of funds and put off getting new things or fixing things that have been broken forever. I just love this show and tonight's episode was another great episode filled with laughs and even some heartwarming moments (the sweet moment when Mike and Frankie joined in on Brick's tick at the football game was perfect!)

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