Hang On To Your Hats! Mercury Is In Retrograde!

5 years ago

Heads Up !  – As of Saturday at 10:16PM (EST) Mercury will be in its notorious Retrograde cycle.  Mercury, the planet of communication, transportation, manual dexterity, appears to move backward in the sky 3 times a year in different signs. This time, Mercury will be Retrograde in fiery, flirtatious, fun seeking Leo, the 5th sign of the Zodiac until August 7/8, 2012.  This sign’s typical charming, “look at me scenarios” can turn to high melodrama as a result of misunderstandings/ miscommunication, etc. Be careful with what you say or write. Cement plans, confirm directions, back up files, make sure all those little electronic gadgets are working, to cut down on any possible confusion or hurt feelings.

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If things went well the last Mercury Retrograde, 3/12/12 – 4/14/12, excellent – it can be done again.  As always, use these 3 weeks to review, rethink, revise so that when Mercury stops and reverses, it’s forward motion can be taken advantage of and projects that appeared to be stalled are  rejuvenated and relaunched with the benefit of any retooling that was done.

Also, with the potential to cause a bit more mischief, Uranus, planet of eccentricity, freedom and unpredictability, is Retrograde from July 13, 2012 until 12/13/12 in Fire sign Aries.  Often referred to as the higher octave of Mercury, Uranus’s slowdown, might soften the natural edginess, and nervous energy it has, but don’t test it. Keep forks away from outlets, back up the hard drive and keep those batteries charged.

As always, where Mercury, and Uranus, appears in the individual chart determines what part of life is most affected by a planet’s Retrograde motion, but regardless, being pro active avoiding potential pitfalls works.








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