Moms Clean Air Force: I'm Getting Involved for Olive

5 years ago

Disclosure: Welcome to an important sponsorship for healthier food and air. Non-partisan, nonprofit Moms Clean Air Force contacted BlogHer for help asking women to support new Mercury and Air Toxics Standards the Environmental Protection Agency will release Dec. 15. Together we developed a sponsored program with nine bloggers who care about the environment, and BlogHer matched the Force's investment in this program with a donation of media support. Jory's post is #9 in the series.

I don’t know the exact day, but it was sometime last year, when I was in my third trimester of pregnancy, and I noticed it—the air I breathe.

I was driving to work and sitting in traffic. I realized that I’d forgotten to press the recirculation button on my air conditioning console; I could smell the sour breath of the exhaust from the car in front of me and I panicked. All these years that I’ve commuted to work, listened to loud music, and lived in some of the most polluted urban locales, I never thought twice about air quality. But on this particular day I was terrified, because I had a growing life inside of me who would be sharing the air. The thought of her breathing it in made me sick.

After having my daughter, my fear hadn’t subsided. I thought of all of the effort my husband and I put into ensuring that she ate wholesome, organic food; that the images and media we painstakingly chose (or chose not to) put in front of her were positive and nurturing.

And yet, I reasoned that there was only so much that I could do about the air.

That changed this year, when I saw Dominique Browning at BlogHer Writers share a little bit about her labor of love, the Moms Clean Air Force. I liked how it sounded; like cleaning the air, while tough, was do-able. We just needed to own it like we owned all of the other things that we did for our children to keep them safe.

It so happens that this week the EPA will be finalizing the first-ever national policy created to reduce mercury emissions from the electricity sector. Translation: Rubber is meeting road, people, but we need to help the beleaguered EPA see this through.

So what now? Don’t sit in traffic like I did that terrible day with your lips jutting out of a cracked driver side window, sucking in what you perceive to be “cleaner” air. Get informed! And get inspired.

Join Moms Clean Air Force.

And keep the government committed by writing to President Obama and expressing your support of the EPA’s efforts.

And share, share, share!

For a chance to win an iPad 2, please also read Lisa Stone's post. Then leave a comment* telling us why you joined Moms Clean Air Force and the fight for our kids’ health. You might win one of two iPad 2s that you can use to email your representatives, follow Moms Clean Air Force and read to continue the fight for clean air.

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