Marion Jones Admits to Using Steriods

9 years ago

If you watch the news or ESPN (like I do) or read the sports section of your newspaper (like I do) or subscribe to 35 sports news RSS feeds (yes, I do that too) you might be getting numb to all of the accusations of athletes using steroids.

I'm serious. When I see a headline about a baseball player using a playing enhancing substance I rarely even pay attention these days. It is like seeing a headline that Britney Spears did something stupid or George W. Bush mispronounced a word. It just isn't interesting to me anymore. It is commonplace.

But then I saw news flash that Marion Jones was admitting to doping. I was stopped cold.

Marion Jones? She has been swearing for years that she was clean. I think at some point I actually began to believe her. Marion has made a huge mess. Now she has to face up, not only to cheating in the Olympics and lying to the public, but also to lying to Federal Agents about her drug use and being somehow involved in a check forging ring.


Why do our sports heroes keep letting us down?

Olympic Silver Medalist Lauryn Williams says on her blog:

My first response to Marion’s announcement was that I was unmoved by the situation but glad she came clean. Now, there is no reason to wonder... When it comes to my feelings toward Marion, I am back and forth between sad for her unfortunate situation and angry at the mess she has created and left for current athletes to clean up.

Bala from Bala's Ramblings offers us a dark alternative:

They should either make taking steroids legal so that everyone can take them and the playing field is fair or make it so that every athlete in every sport is tested before, during and after every game for every substance that's known to boost performance.

Or is there hope? I leave you with a fascinating perspective. I found this quote written by Nicole on The China Sports Blog:

Today throughout the track community and throughout the world of international sport en masse, there is cause for great sadness, but also for hope. It was an American athlete who finally admitted to doping en route to five Olympic medals in Sydney - but it was also an American investigation that caught her, and finally impressed upon her that it is harder to live a lifetime of a lie, than to admit the truth and hope that the future of sport - and her own personal future - will be better for it.

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