March Reading Recommendations: Five Books Written By Women

4 years ago

I only read 20 books in Feburary, which is not as many as I read in January but was still a pretty good number, all things considered.

As I was reviewing and comparing the books I've read so far this year, I realized that many of my favorites were written by women. So here are five of my favorites, in honor of Women's History Month. Take a peek and add some to your TBR (to be read) list.

I love Gail Carriger -- first her Parasol Protectorate series and now her Finishing School series. Curtsies & Conspiracies is the latest installment and it was so much fun. Vampires, werewolves, steampunk and a girls finishing school held in a dirigible. So. Much. Fun. I highly recommend it.

I got hooked on Cherie Priest years and years ago, through her Eden Moore books, (and I wish she'd go back and write more of those, someday), and followed her into the world of steampunk because all the world got hooked on steampunk a few years ago and I cannot give it up. Particularly when we're talking about the Clockwork Century series. Set around the time of the civil war, sort of -- with zombies and dirigibles and what she did to Grant and Lincoln in Fiddlehead... you have to read it. (But start with the first books in the series and read quickly!)

Eleanor & Park is the first book I've read by Rainbow Rowell but it won't be the last. If you like YA, read Eleanor & Park. If you're a child of the '80s read Eleanor & Park. Oh heck, just go read Eleanor & Park and then come back and tell me what you thought of it.

This might be kind of cheating since I've already written about danah boyd and It's Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens on BlogHer but I can't help it. I really liked danah's book and I really love danah. If you're coming to BlogHer '14, if you have teens, if you like smart women -- read this book.

I didn't actually (re)read all of Sister Outsider last month. but when the video of Dale Hanseon quoting Lorde (re: the Michael Sam controversy) went around the internet, I pulled out my copy and put it on my desk. Any time I found myself getting grouchy or a little tired or even a little bored, I'd grab the book, flip to a random page and read for awhile. It was an awesome way to get re-motivated and re-focused on my work. If you haven't read Sister Outsider, you should definitely read it. Audre Lorde was an amazing writer.

Have you read any books recently, by women authors, that you'd recommend?

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