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4 years ago

I almost forgot that today is election day. Not because I haven't been thinking about the election (I have). Not because I don't care about the election (I do). In fact, I already voted, by absentee ballot, last week. I almost forgot simply because we're at the Farm since last Wednesday night. When we're here, I have a very hard time keeping track of what day of the week it is. So I forgot, briefly, that today is Tuesday. The Tuesday.

Luckily for me, I looked at Facebook last night. No chance that I would fail to be reminded of tomorrow's importance after that. Have you checked it out recently? All the political ugliness is enough to make someone (me) feel ill.

I never get political on this blog. I've thought about it a few times, when something really fired me up. But I've always decided against going there. I guess I'm not really getting political now, except to say this:

I hate this election. Truly. It's so ugly.

Four years ago, I happily voted for President Obama. I was thrilled when he won the election.

Unfortunately, in the past four years, President Obama has done some things that I really don't support.

ObamaCare tops the list. I really have issues with ObamaCare. And I don't agree with Obama's economic policies either.

Also unfortunate is the fact that I am disgusted with the stance of the Romney/Ryan team on several issues that are important to me. Issues that I personally don't think belong in politics. Like abortion. Birth control. The right of any person to get married to the person that he or she chooses (unless maybe it's a first cousin). And so forth. Wanting to overturn Roe v. Wade? A constitutional amendment banning gay marriage? Really???


Obviously I'm oversimplifying the issues here. I've struggled with the decision of whom to vote for in this election for months.

I'm feeling anxious about what will happen today. Largely because I don't feel comfortable with either of the possible outcomes.

I wish this wasn't an election in which I had to choose the candidate I find less objectionable. I wish I felt passionate about my vote and fully supported the candidate I chose.

I don't. I feel kind of ill.

But I still voted.


Incidentally, this post is not meant to be insulting to anyone or spark a debate. I'm writing about the election because it's what's on my mind today (naturally). I'd love to hear whom you will/did vote for and why, if you choose to share, but please refrain from ugliness. Thanks.

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