Life Without Cable.

9 years ago
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this post is inspired by the buzz on the Big Tent
about canceling your cable/satellite TV. and what most of you probably
don't know is that we are a cable-free house. this was not entirely by
choice, because last year when i moved out on my own when it was just
maggie and i, i could just afford rent, never mind cable or internet.
and then when phil moved in and we got the new apartment, i (not we,
phil still PANGS for the cable. it's true. he's a big boy though) just
decided that cable was not a necessity.

it is too expensive to
start. basic cable is like $50 a month! A MONTH! that's $600 a year.
that's crazy. just to watch TV? is it really that important? the answer
is no. and that's not adding boxes and bangles and doohickeys that tell
you what you like and what you want to watch.

scary, really.

don't get me wrong. i miss my lost and my scrubs. but i can buy them
from itunes or wait till the DVDs come out. and if i'm real desperate,
i can stream them on my computer! (but we're also very cheap
internet-wise and it tends to be jumpy and annoying) i love my scrubs
on my ipod! i take it to the gym with me, and i have 1 episode on the
treadmill, 1 episode on the ellipical and 1 episode on the bike.
motivation, ahoy!

remember the "peanut butter scare" and the
"swine flu pandemic"? you do? i don't really. i had NO IDEA about those
things until i stumbled over them (wah wah, i don't care about pig flu,
i don't eat pork) on the internet or someone explains them to me (omgz
mexico! airbourne! hide the childrens!). which i think, is another
plus! ignorance is bliss right? i ate peanut butter, i didn't catch the
swine flu... and if i did, would have knowing about it prevented me
from eating that tainted cracker or shaking hands with that
suspiciously coughing air stewardess?

no, of course not.

another plus (and i consider this a giant plus) is the fact that maggie is not watching commercials NON STOP. seriously. commercials are meant to target kids, and then those kids annoy their parents to buy them the product.
i'm annoyed enough in everyday life! i don't want my child pestering me
(more) about ANYTHING! from battery operated "learning" toys, to the
new elmo strangle-me toy, to fast food, junk food, hormone pumped lard
packets, and the like.... the tv is only for movies here. movies that
in and of themselves have adverts in them.... but they are adverts i
can control.

in short, disney controls my child. but that's beside the point.

point is... maggie watches TV at my parents, because cable is fun. new
cartoons are fun. PBS is fun. that show with the bug, moose and pengiun
that are all the same size and have stunningly well composed
make-believe songs is impressive, to say the least. BUT it's not going
on in my house. the internet already sucks us away from each other, i
doubt the world of cable would bring us together. it would probably
have us arguing over the remote.

and no one wants that. i bite.

now to end the post, a picture of maggie playing videogames.

no more video games for baby!

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