Let's Do the Time Warp Again: Glee Tackles Rocky Horror

6 years ago

I was born to be Magenta. Seriously. It is the one benefit to having my mop of brown curls; you brush it out, tease it up, smear on some lipstick, find a French maid outfit (make sure you wear a black bra underneath and not your normal beige one), and head out to Rocky Horror.

And for a long time running, I was Magenta. You know, like those kids who stand in the front of the theater and act out the movie, helping the audience to call out the right lines. I was pawed by more Columbias and laughed evilly with more anemic-looking Riff-Raffs than I care to remember. I was Glee before there was Glee ...

Which was why I was so excited to find out this news:

On October 26th, just in time for Halloween, Glee is covering the movie classic, leading home audiences through the time warp again. Squee!

While others debate whether or not Glee should cover a classic such as Rocky Horror (for all of the excitement on Twitter, there were still a few living in fear. For some, they don't want to see a remake of something that worked so well in all of its horrible glory the first time around. For others, they don't want to see the wholesome-ish Glee kids singing about being sweet transvestites), I am here to tell you that this is the episode that will finally make me turn on Glee.

Yes, I am a Glee virgin, and I am about to pop my Glee cherry.

I have no idea why I haven't watched Glee yet -- it certainly sounds good, and people seem to love it. I have this unfortunate habit of only watching one show at a time. A few years ago, Brothers & Sisters bumped Grey's Anatomy off the screen (sorry about that, McDreamy), and now, each show gets weighed against the Walkers. (I like to call them "my family" as in, "I'm going to watch my family" much in the same way people refer to soap operas as their "stories.") And Glee just couldn't trump Sally Field.

But I've put it on my calendar. This one time, I'm going to Gleek-out. And who knows, maybe I'll even stick around for the month of November.

I have to admit that reading some of the stuff online, I worry that I've missed the really good Glee episodes, but my love of Rocky Horror trumps all. I've listened to it in languages I don't even speak, seen it on stage numerous times, and even own a pack of Rocky Horror trading cards to prove my love.

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Will it be a yay? Is Rocky Horror sort of like chocolate where even bad Rocky Horror is still good enough (seriously, certain times of the month, you could shove year-old Christmas candies or $20/pound truffles in my pie hole and it wouldn't make any difference)? Or will they be destroying a classic? Is watching Rocky Horror in your living room even fun, or is the real pleasure in being part of a group, screaming out the lines that go between the lines?

So, how many of you are going to be seeing that light over at the Frankenstein place [call out: where do you keep your pot?], burning in the fireplace? Er ... I mean, watching Glee's October 26th Rocky Horror episode?

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