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4 years ago


At Rancho Victoria I have rules about big family dinners. I do most of the cooking, the children do all of the clean-up. I try to get them started early in life familiarizing them with the responsibility of pitching in – when you’re a member of a family, you have a part to play in everything. (If you’re feeling brave, Mom, ask each of your children to make one dish at Thanksgiving then help them produce whatever it is. One year my elder son made butter by shaking whipping cream in a glass jar until it magically transformed itself. I would suggest adding salt, though.) However messy it might be, it’s a chance for them to have ownership in a big family production. It’s helpful to them and it adds to the family feel of whatever event.


Having young hands and muscles around can be a big blessing. As my husband and I grow older we find that it’s easier, and probably less deadly, to pay the neighbor boy to climb up the ladder to replace light bulbs in the ceiling fixture. It’s less painful to have somebody else wash the second-story windows. Young helpers are always welcome here. (I wonder how Mitt and Ann Romney survive without household help? I admire them, but I’m mystified.)


Over the past few evenings, I’ve been happily surprised to see many young faces at the Republican National Convention. This is NOT my grandmother’s GOP!  (There are many granny-types there – not just the ones wearing Romney t shirts, either. Some are even wearing elephant suits!) Not only are the candidates younger, brighter and more eager to serve, they also come in a variety of colors.


Obviously the Mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, hasn’t been watching the convention. He made the snide comment earlier this week that “trotting out a brown face” was not enough to make inroads in minority communities. Here’s a news-flash, Mister Mayor: There seem to be many communities within the Republican community and they display a lovely range of brown-tones. As I said, this isn’t my granny’s party and happily so.


The great news is, we older pachyderms have set the stage. Now, thankfully, there is a whole crop of newer, younger faces to do the rest of the heavy lifting. Here is a batch of young Americans who recognize that they have a part to play in this Republic. Here are youthful families whose futures are at stake. They have shown up for work and, given their enthusiasm, they are perfectly prepared to put their youthful shoulders to the wheel in our effort to re-build this great nation.

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