Last Words From This Undecided In WI: I'm Tired

4 years ago

I'm tired of hearing Tammy Baldwin screaming "YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT", I'm tired of hearing Mitt's 47% secret video, I'm tired of hearing all the commercials, and all of the negativity. I am somewhat enlightened with the POTUS's Monday commercials urging people to get out and vote without slandering Mr. Romney. (But wait! The 47% commercial just aired again!) I'm also relieved to hear Tammy speaking in a normal voice and not sounding like a fishwife. 

There are many different ways to interpret what each presidential candidate says. And many people will tell you what either one of them was really saying when he said "You didn't build that" and when the other guy said "I'll never get that 47% of the vote". 
Everybody has an explanation. Except the candidates themselves. Did you notice that neither of them explained what they meant in their major campaign faux pas? But every newscaster, every person with an mouth tells me what each one meant! So my interpretation counts too right? I agree with Mr. Romney, there is 47% of the vote he will never get. 
I totally disagree with Mr. Obama's "you didn't build that" statement. Because my husband did build our dental practice. My dad did build his business. And they both did it with hard work, and their blood sweat and tears. So I've been offended for the last few months over that statement.
My dad employs over 100 people and provides them healthcare insurance with affordable co-pays. He built his business from scratch with a thousand dollar loan from his uncle. Michael started his practice and worked at 3 other jobs until he had enough patients to earn a living and hire paid help. We employ 16 people. 
These are beliefs important to me:

I believe in welfare to work. 
I believe in drug tests for people who collect welfare and food stamps. 
I believe pot should be legal. 
I believe women should have the right to chose.
I believe in equal pay for equal jobs.
I believe everyone should have the right to marry. 
I believe health care should be affordable and available to everyone.
I believe immigrants should become citizens like my ancestors did.
I believe everyone should pay their percentage of taxes. 
I feel like this year I have done everything humanly possible to educate myself in order to make an intelligent decision tomorrow at the poll. And my head is swimming. Back and forth. Romney yes! No, Obama yes! (over and over). I want to say this: I do not feel either candidate is a "bad guy". I like them both of them and believe their intentions are good. I don't totally disagree with either of them, nor do I totally agree with either of them.
So tomorrow morning when I grab my ballot and walk into the booth, I'm going to vote for whoever I am leaning toward at that moment.
This has been incredibly difficult this year to make a decision. And I just want to say this. I love the United States of America. And I thank the women who marched for me to have the right to vote. 


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