Veronica Mars Makes Kristen Bell Hollywood's New Power Player

3 years ago

Maybe, like me, you've found yourself slightly obsessed with Kristen Bell as of late. Or maybe you should be. Veronica Mars is opening this week, a year after the massively successful Kickstarter campaign, and Kristen is front-and-center with executive producer credit, starring role and a full load as promoter. She's claiming her power in Hollywood by disrupting creation, distribution and promotion models, and watching Kristen take control of her career and her life as a famous mother is a fascinating.

1. Veronica Mars Opening Scene

In addition to a traditional trailer, they released the first two minutes of the movie (below) and an extended 8-minute preview.  The first moments of the movie give viewers a hint at the tone, a tantalizing tease, and in this case a great summary of the television show to assure viewers that the movie will work for old fans and new audiences alike.  Kristen worked hard in concert with show creator Rob Thomas and fans to bring her canceled character back to the screen. and it's intriguing to see how she's playing a more mature Veronica.  

2.  Kristen Bell at SxSW

In another smart choice, the Veronica Mars world premiere was held in Austin, and she brought her Twitter followers with her. I love the coverage of the Q & A that hit social media, like this blog post on Cinema Blend.  

Kristen Bell at Veronica Mars Premiere at SxSW © Sandy Carson/

3. Kristen Bell's Main Talking Point: Women's Stories are More Interesting

I love how Kristen uses her media platform to continually emphasize the importance of women protagonists and female-driven stories. She told HuffPost Women:

We also asked Bell what she would like to see change for women in Hollywood. “I would like to see roles written with a lot more depth," Bell said. "I would like to see roles continued to be written with the depth that Veronica Mars is. Not just the girlfriend -- but someone who is a dynamic, multi-dimensional character, just like the guy.”

4. Kristen Bell's Other Great Talking Point: Celebrities' Children Have Rights to Privacy

Along with her husband Dax Shepard, Kristen is on a mission to compel celebrity press outlets to adopt a "no kids" policy to close the market for paparazzi. The couple went head-to-head with a photo broker on Access Hollywood as part of their public awareness campaign.

5. Kristen Bell on House of Lies

I recently caught up on Season 3 of Showtime's House of Lies, Kristen's current television show. While Kristen is massively underutilized because the show features way too many characters for a half-hour program, she still has a hot storyline and on-going professional and sexual tension with Marty (played by Don Cheadle). It's a subversively funny show featuring Kristen as a smart, powerful player in the amoral land of high-level consultants.

6. Kristen Bell and Veronica Mars on Funny or Die

Kristen has played on Funny or Die videos before, so the site was a perfect fit for a clever promotion that plays on the Kickstarter funding that made the movie possible. While you are there,  dig into the archives to see more Kristen Bell if you end up in full-fledged Bellapalooza mode. If you love David Mamet, vintage lingerie, the Dred Scott Decision and/or old porn, the "Lost Masterpieces of Pornography" parody is hilarious. My favorite bit might be her "behind-the-scenes" tattoo interview, though, because her confidence is prime and her comedic delivery is flawless.  Or veer off Funny or Die and into YouTube to watch her vulnerable "sloth meltdown" on Ellen

Obviously, I'm planning to see the movie this weekend because I appreciate Kristen Bell as a new power player and because I'm running out of other Kristen Bell things to watch. Are you a fan, and will you see the Veronica Mars movie? 


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