Just Thinking

4 years ago
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What I want to use this forum for is to share my tho'ts on various subjects , --as if with a group of friends.  Musing " what if ?".                                                                                                        I spend most of my days alone with no one to share my tho'ts so I decided to start a "blog".

  Today I saw a photo of "Earthrise" online;  That's a photo taken from the moon of earth.  During one of my night-time waking periods, I had been thinking about this image, and pondering on the mysteries of the moon. 

    I learned [in school] that the same side of the moon faces earth at  all times;  But the moon rotates on its axis.  I have trouble visualizng this.   Then I remembered the photo "earthrise"  and wondered how one could see the earth rise, if one were standing on the moon?   It seems to me that the earth would always be there, in plain view, since the side of the moon [on which one was standing] is always facing the earth.  Not, of course, the same side of the earth.   

   Maybe it is just a case of mis-labeling;  someone tho't it looked like a moonrise and tho't this would be a catchy title ?    

     Anyway this is one of those pesky questions that plague me when I lie awake at night.  Does anyone out there think thoughts like this?