Its Tough To Be A Baby in GAME OF THRONES

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its tough to be a baby in #GoT

In George R.R. Martin’s world, its tough to be a baby! Top 3 Moments of Episode 4 “Oathkeeper”

The episode starts with Missandei teaching Grey Worm the common language. Was there some love sparks there? They eventually start speaking of their past, and we come to know that as small children they were taken from their lands, families and sold into slavery with little recollection of their history. So, starts the way the episode will end, learning that, ‘its tough to be a baby’ in Westros.

Finally, The White Walkers

Good news, the White Walkers are not eating the babies offered up by Craster’s Keep. Bad news, instead they are becoming part of the blue-eyed-frozen-army north of The Wall. Not sure if this is any better! Be careful what you wish for, because in the world of Martin, things continue to get f-ed up. Though their’s still loads of questions to be answered, this was especially cool, because even book readers are in the dark.

What did you think of this scene? Who the heck are the 13 shadows in the background? And, was that some sort White Walker King turning the baby?

Looks like winter is coming!

Petyr Baelish Is No Amateur

We got a pretty quick revelation to Joffrey’s murder. It was after all, Littlefinger conspiring with the Tyrell’s. Though not a baby, Sansa is still being held captive of sorts. Baelish tells Sansa his reason for betraying the Lannister's, even though they’ve given him lands, titles and money – is his 'new' friends are more reliable. “I don’t want friends like me,” he tells Sansa. And, as usual he ends his conversation with Sansa in the creepiest of creepy ways by stroking her arm and saying, “I would risk everything to get what I want”. Sansa asks, “What do you want?” and he answers, “everything”.

What do you think is Baelish’s next move once he marries Lysa Arryn? Is he being funded by Braavos? Though Sansa is finally headed somewhere friendly, what will be in store for her there? Remember Lysa is the bat-shit-crazy-teenage-breast feeding aunt! I have a feeling this will be a different sort of prison for Sansa.

Can Game of Thrones give us some hope for a Stark reunion? Arya hurry up and get to the Eyrie.

The Kingslayer Brothers

Jaime finally visits Tyrion after Brom smacks him around a little with his own golden hand! Brom tells him that Tyrion originally wanted Jaime to be his champion during the trial by combat at the Eyrie, because Tyrion knew Jaime would ride day and night to fight for him.

[Aside: In what I believe is one of the best scenes of the night, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau can deliver such emotion with his acting. He plays Jaime with such a fine line of, ‘do I hate or love him’ struggle. Do you feel the same? With last week’s controversial scene, what did you think of Cersei and Jaime’s exchange this week? End of aside]

Though Jaime tells Tyrion that he can’t free him from his cell, Jaime believes Tyrion is innocent. Tyrion asks, “Are you really asking if I killed your son?”, Jaime replies “are you really asking if i’d kill my brother?”. In this moment you see how powerless Jaime feels, whether he actually is will depend on his future decisions. Which doesn’t take long, he is rejected by Cersei, and he quickly makes up his mind to keep his oath to Cat Stark by telling Brienne to find Sansa and protect her. [They believe Arya is dead...if they only knew].

Jaime and Brienne’s exchange here was another favorite moment for me. Though it was bittersweet, because it had such a finality to it, as if they were saying goodbye forever. It will be interesting to see how Cersei and Tywin’s react to Jaime's betrayal? If they stay true to the Lannister name, I have a feeling Jaime only has more woes coming his way.

There’s so much that happened in this episode, though it wasn’t heavy with gore, the creators played with our hearts. Lost souls seem to be the main theme of the night. Stolen infants with stolen pasts, a chilly war that is immanent, and hostages that are beaten in so many different ways. No wonder this season’s tagline is, “All men must die”.

Share your favorite moments in the comments below. No spoilers please!


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