It's Election Day!

4 years ago

I don’t know what it is about the election that makes me all giddy.

I love the excitement of new information coming in, the people’s voices being heard. That’s not a statement about tonight’s results that are coming in, it’s just a statement about my love of the process. I’m not going to tell you who I’m voting for, I don’t expect or even want you to tell me who you voted for, I just want to encourage you to vote!

Don’t ever feel like your vote doesn’t matter. It’s so important that you are invested in the direction of our country. No one can tell you how to vote and no one has to know. When you’re in the voting booth, it’s you and your choice, no one else’s.

Election Day is somehow nostalgic while at the same time it feels very in the moment. We’re witnessing history. Things will be different because of your vote today.

I can recall going into the voting booth with my parents when I was young. I remember staying up and watching with my dad when I was younger – feeling excited about the results some years and other years crying because of the way the votes went. I’ll be one of those excited geeks who will stay up, heavily caffeinated, until all the results are in, concession speeches are delivered, and a winner is declared. (By the way…Florida? or any other state…Don’t screw it up this year! Please don’t put us in limbo for weeks this time!) I bought my Election Returns Party snacks earlier this week, and I’m ready for a night of anxiety and excitement!

As much as our electoral process can frustrate me, I love how we do it here in America.

Did you vote today and did you take your kids? Will you be staying up late to watch the election returns? Do you have any fond memories of the electoral process from your childhood?

Edited to add:  My kids were upset that they didn't get stickers, so I made them some "I Didn't Vote" stickers. See them at, along with their cute little sad faces.

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