iPhone, How do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways...

8 years ago

I love gadgets.  Love, love, love them. If it's electronic, I want it.  A year ago I got an iPhone 3G and I haven't been without it since.  Look at all it can do:

- Receive calls.  Yes, this is a no-brainer, but hey, it comes in handy.
- Play games.  I have things on here that not only entertain me (Scrabble), but also entertain my 8-year-old (Tap Tap Revent) and my 6-year-old (Scoops).  Truly a lifesaver in the doctor's office.
- Calculator.  I am a math major, but that doesn't mean I can add.
- Calendar. This is my life force. If I didn't have my calendar to tell me where I to go and be, I'd be lost
- Level.  Beleive it or not, I have used the level quite a bit!  More often to prove bets, though.  (Dear, that washingmachine is NOT level.)
- Flashlight. I work part-time as an IT Network Technician.  While crawling under desks pulling wires, hooking up computers, and finding M&M's (circa 1987) the flashlight app comes in very handy.
- GPS.  I get lost. A lot. No sense of direction. Ever.
- Web.  I mostly use this to research trivia. And read blogs. And get ferry schedules.
- Text messaging.  I think I put a lot of teenagers to shame on my text messaging frequency.
- Time keeper.  I use my phone to keep track of how many hours I work in the week.  It's got a timer and everything.  Love it.
- Voice Recorder.  You can't believe how long a 6-year-old will listen to herself sing.

I'm sure there is more, but let's just say that when I tell my husband I love my iPhone, and he responds, "Why don't you marry it?" I have to think a little bit...

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