An Interesting Story for My One Follower

3 years ago

I popped on to BlogHer yesterday and discovered that I actually have a follower.  In all the years of my blogging, I have never had a follower and honestly, amassing followers hasn't been one of my top priorities.  That being said, now that I have a follower, I have to write interesting stories to keep my follower interested.

Never fear, follower because I have a good one for you that just occurred yesterday.  I see that it's pouring outside and since I don't want to dive into the deluge to make for home this late afternoon, it's a perfect time for me to impart my interesting story.

Anyone who reads my blogs at all knows that I am struggling to keep my business alive and that I wade through a quagmire of debt on a daily basis. Sales have been abysmally slow for me this past year and despite a website and an on-line presence on several vintage stores, I just can't seem to get myself out of this hole.

I can't tell you the amount of people who drift into my store as though they are sleepwalking, just passing time to get to the next stop or during lunch before they have to get back to the office.  On weekends, Saturday is particularly rough while Sunday is my busiest day due mostly to the Green Market set up on the end of the street.  I have managed to capitalize on those days by displaying some of my wares outside.  But I digress here.  On with my interesting story, follower. 

Yesterday as I was just opening up, an average looking middle-aged guy with spectacles and a backpack on his back popped in and asked me if this was where the "dressers and the wedding gown were."  I knew immediately he was talking about the shop two doors up and after answering, I busied myself straightening the place up, sure that this was another no sales customer.  He wandered around for a bit more then left without purchasing anything.

About an hour later, I closed the shop to do business with the post office and left my usual sign on the door "Be Right Back.  Please call *** **** if you need assistance."
In the post office I got a phone call from an out of area code number.  The man on the other end said "Yes, I want to buy a couch you have."  I immediately thought he was one of those Craig's List scammers who try to get you to take a cashier's check for the item, and I said "I only accept cash, no cashier's checks."  He replied "That's not a problem. I have cash in my pocket."  I figured he was pranking me, so I hung up.

A minute later, he called again.  "Let's start over.  You have a couch I want."  As I was now at the counter, I told him I would call him back, realizing that just maybe there was a sale to be had after all.

When I got back to the shop, I returned his call and apologized for being rude.  He didn't seem concerned and said he would be right over.  To my surprise, it was the same man I had seen earlier that morning. He came in functionally drunk form and I was sorry I had returned the call.  Then he pulled out a stack of cash and said he had just been to the bank and had taken out $10,000 and was trying to spend all of it.  He had already spent over $1000 at the shop across the street.

You know dear follower, I still felt like he was pranking me somehow and I didn't appreciate the fact that he was drunk, but he wasn't impolite and he starting asking to see things in the jewelry case.  He informed me that he would be getting married on October 31st and that he wanted to get some jewelry for his beautiful fiance.  He also told me that he had lived in the area once before and then moved to Florida and had recently come back to the area. Hence, the different area code.  The buying commenced and didn't stop until he had asked for several pieces of furniture and a few pieces of nice jewelry. 

I finally asked him "Why did you take so much money out and where did it come from."  All he would say is that he felt like spending money and that it came from dirty business.

What can I say dear follower?  Dare I look a gift horse in the mouth?  He phoned his fiance and she showed up, a hard beauty not unlike the beauty possessed of a professional woman of the streets.  With a disconcerted look she asked him "How much money did you take out?"  I thought to myself "here we go."  But he laughed it off and showed her what he had purchased, then put the blue seed bead necklace around her neck.  Adorned with her new necklace,  she pointed to a nice wrought iron bench and said "I want that, too."

Close to $1600 later, they left after I had made arrangements with a friend of mine to deliver the furniture to their house.  When I called to tell him that the furniture was on it's way, he told me he loved me.

And that's it.  It was probably the most uplifting day I have had in months.  Mind you, it didn't solve my financial issues, but it made me happy to see somebody spend so freely given our present uptight economy.  Maybe I'll see them again, maybe not, but I will certainly not forget them anytime soon, dirty money or not.


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