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8 years ago

Applause, Applause

I want to hear a big round of Diana Is A Rock Star because I just put my home email on my phone without any help! and its not one of the email programs that came on the phone, this was a POP deally that I had to get on there my own-self.

It was hard yo.

Now, I may need help getting the phone to stop using my Gmail account. I've been obediently reading my instruction manual and it doesn't say anything about sloughing off unwanted email programs. Maybe there is a Yahoo group that can help?...

Yahoo Group? I don't need no stinkin' Yahoo Group!

And, now I am an even huge-er Rock star because I just got rid of the unloved Gmail account from my phone! And the crowd goes wild. Really, it does, my DVR player and the Febreze bottle and two hair squishies are just going nuts.

Because I am now totally phone obsessed, I had planned to spend my lunch hour taking all my contact numbers off phone one and adding them to phone two and assigning ringers and all that silly, girly stuff, but shockingly, after I called the the washer repair place three times, they got back to me and were able to schedule a guy to come out this afternoon over my lunch hour, to fix the machine - Which as it turned out he could not because he doesn't carry circuit boards in his mini van as its almost always not the circuit board that fails, something really has to go wrong to cause the circuit board to fail and oddly, a bad latch can do that, it's a domino effect thing. I also learned that its also almost never the timers because the timers are Swedish made and they make great timers that never break.

Those asshole door latches on the other had fail all the time and are the root of all washing machine evil. The repair guy was talkative and very into his work. If someday you see a book called Zen and The Art of Large Appliance Repair, this guy wrote it.

It really is a curse to wish that someone will live in "interesting times", that machine has been an "interesting" machine and I believe that it has been cursed since the start. I think they sold it to me cheap just to get the wretched thing out of their store. If it didn't work so well normally, I would be really pissed at it. As it is, it isn't going to be working at all for another week to ten days. Perfect. Which is great because while I'm sitting about the laundry mat I'll have loads of time to play with my phone.

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