I had that, "I am a horrible mother!" moment.

4 years ago

It was the last day of school for my boys. They were ecstatic, while I on the other hand I was having panic attacks about how I would survive that long without one of us running away or outright killing each other.

Boy 6 was having a “water day” which really should be every day in this god forsaken desert!

Boy six was having a huge party with games and enough sugar to cover the planet a few times.

Number 5 was having his moving on to junior high breakfast. They make it a pretty sweet deal for them, inviting the parents and showing slide shows of the past years shenanigans.

Then I get a phone call from the school nurse. She informs me boy 6 has used a trash can in his classroom to void this morning’s breakfast. Damn… last day of school and we are starting off with the flu that will never leave our home before fall, because let’s face it… 10 people in the house recycling the flu sucks donkey.

Breakfast with boy 5 was just rounding up, so I went ahead and excused myself to check on his brother while leaving him with his dad.

Boy 6 looked awful. However, he had No fever, and began begging me to stay at school. His excuse was he ate to much candy. Hmm… very odd considering… Didn’t even know “too much and candy” was part of their vocabulary…

I tried to twist his arm to get him to come home, however the nurse took his side and they bullied me into letting him finish out his day.  Swell…

A few hours later boy 6 and 7 run in on fast forward describing in detail all the different things the school let them do and eat. They had a blast and so far, the kick off to summer was looking up for them at least.

Boy 6 still looked like ran over dog shit.

He said his stomach still hurt, so I told him to go lay down… still no fever.

He came out of his room a few times to complain, but hey… I am a mother of 8 boys, so unless you are bleeding out of your eyeballs, or one of your appendages is gone, I really don’t get too worked up. So once again with my awesome parenting skills; I sent him back to bed.


Now let me try to defend myself. I was running on only maybe at the most, two hours of sleep. I was grumpy, and didn’t want to deal with the screaming kids running around my house. I get that as a parent that’s no excuse, however…we have all had our not so perfect moments in life so don’t judge me!

I cooked dinner for the horde, went to get boy 6 up and well… he doubled over in pain. I wasn’t sure if he was being overly dramatic or if he really hurt because let’s be honest… Boy 6 can be kinda on the dramatic side.

The husband once again chimed in telling me to take him to the Doctor because he thinks that because he had an appendicitis when he was 10, and boy 6 is 10, and any time anyone has a stomach ache they must have an appendicitis, there I was… Making the trek to urgent care.

That’s when I had that “I am the worst mother on the planet!” moment.

The husband was right…my poor 10 yr old little boy, had an appendicitis so off we flew to the hospital for surgery, and the next 50 yrs of “Remember that one time you got mad and said boy 6 only had the flu! But I was right and it was an appendicitis…and I won… again!” I would never live that down.

Of course that meant for the next week, boy 6 was pampered with my guilt for not knowing he didn’t just have the flu. Days went by before I felt he was okay enough that I didn’t need to check on him every other minute, and he knew it.

Seriously though folks, this kid is still milking it and winning. I will never again think of a simple flu as something I need to ignore. I learned my lesson! Now to figure out how we will survive the next two months of summer break. ughh

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