Hypocritical Holiday Celebrations

5 years ago

So, one of the countries biggest holiday is once again almost upon us.  I am not a "holiday" person.  I have never really gotten the point of a designated day to celebrate love, the day the Pilgrims broke bread with the Indians, or the birth of a savior that may or may not have been as was reported.  

I feel the same way about Independence Day or the more popular name, The Fourth of July. Especially this year.  For much of the year people have been griping and complaining about the state of the economy and putting blame (whether there is due cause or not, that is not for me to say) on our current President.  There is talk of how this country just needs to stay out of war and out of other country's business period.  There are divisions about who we let in to our country and who we keep out.  There is even talk about if our current President gets re-elected there will be a mass exodus of citizens leaving the country to live elsewhere.  

Yet with all this dissension, on July 4th all that will be forgotten.  Everyone will get out their flags in all forms. There will be flags that otherwise never see the light of day (not even on Flag Day) swaying on front porches and even vehicles (http://www.javisports.com) all across the nation.  Flag cakes, Red, White and Blue streamers and the dreaded Flag swimsuits will bombard us everywhere.  

 Fireworks of all kinds will light up the night sky, raining down sulpher and wasted paper on our fine beaches, parks and backyards.  Everyone will oooh and ahhh and say how great our country is.  

July 5th our flags will all get put away, the flag cakes just a not yet fully digested memory and thankfully the flag swimwear will be retired for the year.  And then everyone can go back to hating this country like they did on July 3rd.  No, I don't see the point of Holidays.

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