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4 years ago

I have been a nerd since before it was hip to call yourself a nerd. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away Luke Skywalker was my husband, I researched dinosaurs for fun, and I still wear glasses. What’s worse, is I am a total fangirl for British television. Perhaps it’s the actors or puffy shirts, but my most favorite television is the British-kind.

Just to satisfy my excitement and share that with you, here is what to watch and when to watch!


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What’s it about: This dark crime drama explores the mysterious and suspicious death of a young boy and the hunt to find his killer. This isn’t flashy forensics, this is a character drama that focuses more on the whodunit. With each episode, I am always guessing a different murderer.

Who to watch: David Tennant (all dark and gloomy)

When and Where: BBC America just started airing episodes of Broadchurch in early August but be careful, the series has already finished airing across the pond and spoilers are out there.

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

What’s it about: This show has been around for 50 years (yes 5-0!) and is celebrating in a big way this November with a mega episode! You can watch EVERYTHING on Netflix to prepare (or you can cheat and just catch up with the past 8 years of the new series). Although this show is all about traveling through time and space, it truly is a timeless classic and good enough for the whole family (my toddler loves it).

Who to watch: The Doctor has regenerated over the past 50 years including David Tennant (yes again… but this time only slightly gloomy and a lot of silly) and most recently Matt Smith (he makes bow ties cool).

When and Where: BBC America, November 23 broadcasted internationally (consult a Time Lord or your local listings for more info).

Downton Abbey

What’s it about: This show was already 2 seasons in before I gave in to hype and curiosity to watch. You have 2 sides to this epic storytelling; an aristocratic family struggling to evolve with the changing times of the 20th century, and the staff who serves them. Although it is a drama, your spouse won't have any problem watching wars, intrigue, and scandals unfold.

Who to watch: The absolutely incredible Maggie Smith!

When and Where: PBS. Watch the Season 4 Trailer HERE!


What’s it about: Although this is a modern day telling of classic Sherlock Holmes tales, it is one of the most faithful portrayals of the character. This is a mystery series perfect for Sherlock Holmes fanatics and crime drama lovers!

Who to watch: Benedict Cumberbatch (his portrayal of Sherlock is as epic as his name) and Martin Freeman (as Dr. John Watson).

When and Where: PBS. Watch the Season 3 Trailer HERE!



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