How To Stay Married During an Election Year

We Agree My husband and I strongly disagree on who we support this year in the presidential election. I have to remind him daily that we can disagree on politics and still love each other. It keeps getting more difficult, he takes it (my opinion) so personally.

Michael is a small businessman and he thinks that a vote for Obama is a vote against him personally, against his business, and what he worked so hard to achieve. Of course that is not how I feel!&

Last night we watched Ann Romney give her speech at the RNC and both hubby and I were totally awed and inspired by her love and support for her husband. But even though we agree that she worships her husband and believes he's the best man for the job, that didn't help the discussion about "us" and our differing political views.

I grew up in a lower middle class Democrat home and I knew at a young age that I agreed more with the Republican philosophy. Heck, I walked door to door as a volunteer in my neighborhood handing out fliers for Richard Nixon. I was just a kid then! My dad was a millwright at Armstrong. Michael's dad worked for Boeing, building airplanes. He grew up in the ghetto of Albuquerque. Both our fathers belonged to unions. Both hubby and I agree that unions were a good thing back when employees needed protection from the evil employer. We agree unions served a purpose years ago. Neither of us support unions now.

Michael hates the word "entitlements" and anyone in government associated with giving free hand-outs. He wants people on welfare to take drug tests. He believes women should have control over their reproductive systems. And he doesn't for a minute believe that women have magical vaginas that can zap sperm deposited by a rapist.

Hubby defends Romney only paying 15% income tax, and he supports his right to have off-shore bank accounts. I just can't get him to understand how unfair it is that this man, who is a millionaire that won't release his tax records -- he pays less than half what we do, percentage wise. Michael's argument is this: Romney's 15% is probably more dollars than our 35%. Yes, I agree, it probably is - but! I can't get him to see how unfair it is to small business owners to have to pay a higher percentage rate of federal and state taxes than this man running for the highest office in the United States.

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So last night was a bit difficult. Hubby was adamant that if I voted for anyone but Romney, I'm voting against us. I went to bed troubled. But I am determined to get through the next few months without sparring matches.

Tonight I told him we needed to talk about our argument last night over who I believed is the best man for the job of president this year. I said "Honey, you have to understand that our political views have nothing to do with our love for each other." His response? "I know that. Last night I was trying to manipulate you." I love you no matter who you support."

Round 2 is coming up tonight, I'm sure. Or maybe not. Do you think he'll watch the Democratic National Convention with me next week? Ha.. keep tuned.

We agree, it's ok to disagree

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