How Intelligent is the Smart Phone?

6 years ago

Cece is channeling Andy Rooney again!  You know…Andy Rooney who hates it when things change?  Beloved curmudgeon on 60 Minutes?

Cece has had her Smart Phone since November.  Since that time, she has had to update the software twice.  Once in February and then once again this past Friday.  Not only does she have a smart phone, but she is also on the  Google Cloud.  None of this is her choice mind you….her phone is in a pilot program at her office with the Google Cloud!

So, at 8:10 am on Friday morning when Cece checked her phone, she realized she had to update her software from 5.0 to 6.0.  She knew from the past update, that the phone will hold her hostage until she does the upgrade, so she started right away thinking that 8:10 am would give her the time she needed to do what she had to do.  She followed the prompts and voila!  The phone began to upgrade itself.  She watched and watched and for the longest time nothing was showing in the “get it done” box.  She looked and looked…time passed, and at  last she saw 1% completed!  She looked at her clock.  25 minutes had passed.  Her phone was hot.  She plugged the phone into her charger and off she went showering, making lunch taking care of the cats etc.

When she left her house at 10am 37% was completed.  By 11:30 am the download was complete…almost 3.5 hours later.  HURRAY!  But then, she looked at the phone and realized it still was not done.  Now it had to install the program.  This time it told her she would be unable to use her phone until the install was complete!  How long could this take she wondered?  She pushed the install button.  She watched and watched…..people paged her over the office intercom saying they could not reach her by phone… 1:30 the install was finally completed…or so she thought.  She realized she had lost everything on her phone.  She called the IT Help Desk and was prompted to do this and put this password here and re-select her ring tones and put this over here to regain that.  WHEW!

So, all in all this smart phone took over 5 hours to upgrade itself!  How intelligent  is this?  If the phone is so smart, why doesn’t it realize that people have other things to do than spend 5+ hours uploading/installing  new software to their phone?  AND to make matters worse, Cece lost her favorite ring tone that sounds like a  magic wand! And…if she had had her magic wand sound, she could have wanded the phone and made the upload go faster. Abracadabra!

Well, today is Sunday, and Cece finally found the sounds she wants for her ring tones and alarm…but the magic wand is still no more.  Cece thinks that probably someone can tell her how to download the magic wand sound.  If there is anyone out there that can help her do  this, it will be greatly appreciated!  She is about as techno as Andy Rooney!  Just be fore warned!

“Bye for Now” from The Two Whos

Cece-one of The Two Whos

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