How I Met Your Mother (review) "Farhampton"

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Where we left off: Marshall and Lily had a baby boy (who has probably the best name on TV..Marvin Wait For It Eriksen), Ted drove off into the sunset with Victoria who was supposed to be getting married (we already know that she isn't the mother) and Barney proposed to Quinn but in a twist we find out, not that far in the future, Barney will actually be marrying Robin (so so happy).

Tonights episode started out "a little ways down the road" with Ted telling a story to an older woman (while reading a book at the bus stop) about Barney and Robin's wedding. Robin asks Ted how Barney is doing, Ted says he is fine but we flash to Barney trying to escape to get a better tie (it's cornflower blue) but Marshall and Lily keep him from leaving. Back with Robin she says that she can't go through with the wedding. Flash to Ted telling the story of Marshall and Lily having baby Erikson, Barney is still engaged to Quinn and Robin alone. Poor Marshall and Lily are exhausted with the baby but they aren't admitting to it. Quinn asks Lily and Robin to be her bridesmaids because she doesn't really have any friends.

Meanwhile Ted is driving off into the sunset with Victoria when he asks Victoria about leaving a note for Klaus (she didn't), Ted tells her that leaving a note is common courtesy and tells her about the time that Stella left a note for him. He tells Victoria that she is going to leave him a note. They head back to Klaus where Ted tells Victoria how to write the letter but she stops listening to him. Ted feels bad for him cause he is stealing Victoria away but she tells him that he isn't, she chose him. She then tells him that he will be the one delivering the note. Ted attempts to take the note back but he can't climb up the pole to get to the window so Victoria gives him a key to the dressing room. Ted gets stopped by a very angry bridesmaid (turns out that is Klaus's sister). Ted calls Barney and suggests he flirt with the woman over the phone which works and he puts the note on the bed, runs to the car and realizes that he left his keys behind and the door locked behind him. Ted again tries to get in the room through the window but runs into Klaus who is escaping because he can't get married (and Klaus left a note behind for her). Ted climbs the drain to the room, gets the note that Klaus left for Victoria, go get the note he left from Victoria (along with his keys) and left. Ted and Victoria are driving away but Ted starts to feel bad so he goes to the bus station to ask Klaus why he left Victoria, he tells her that she just isn't the one for him (she is almost everything he wants but not entirely what he wants). Klaus tells him that when you know you met the person you love you feel it throughout your body, you know (in your hands, your heart, your stomach, your skin). Klaus asks if Ted ever felt like that with someone and Ted says he thinks which Klaus says then you have never felt that way before. Flash to a little ways down the road, the mother (who we don't see) shows up at the same bus station as Ted (complete with yellow umbrella).

Back at Marshall and Lily's place, Robin tells Barney that Quinn asked her to be a bridesmaid and asked if it would be weird since they dated which Barney hasn't told Quinn about. Robin talks with Barney about wanting to spend the rest of his life with Quinn without telling her about their relationship. Apparently Barney has deleted his entire time with Robin (taking her out of pictures and even replacing a photo of Robin with a tiger). Marshall and Lily continue to be so exhausted that they aren't hearing anything anybody says.

Meanwhile Marshall and Lily are checking on the baby and they talk about Barney and Robin dating not realizing that they invited Quinn along (of course she hears the whole thing). Barney apologizes for lying to Quinn who says he has a minute to explain everything (cue the best recap of Robin's history on the show ever!) Quinn isn't impressed and she leaves. Marshall tells Barney to go get that girl. Barney tells Quinn that nothing is going on between him and Robin and she tells them that she has a new boyfriend named Nick but didn't want to say anything to jinks it (she told Lily and Marshall about it but they were so tired that they didn't hear a thing she said). Robin tells them that they need to go to sleep but they insist they are fine until the baby starts crying and then they start crying to (and then fall asleep when Robin hugs them). Quinn tells Robin that she doesn't know that she could ever trust her because how does she know Robin is over Barney...then they go to the bar where they meet Robin's new guy Nick and Quinn is ok with their prior relationship. Robin tells Barney she doesn't know how he could delete everything about their relationship and that she could never do that, so he gives her a key (which we find out leads to a storage unit where Barney kept all the things from his and Robin's relationship).

My Thoughts: Loved tonight's episode, I honestly can't tell you how much I enjoyed this episode. It had everything that I love about this particular show laughs and moments that tug at your heart (when Klaus was describing that one person it was actually a little montage that was beautiful). With my love expressed I am ready to say good-bye to one of my favorite gangs on TV and from my understanding this may very well be the final season (thankfully the writers are prepared and they are treating this like a final episode). Did you tune in to tonights episode? What did you think? Are you hoping for another season or should this be the final season?