How I Discovered My Superpower at the Oklahoma County Election Board

4 years ago

Today I tapped incredible personal power and I’m still feeling a rush of good feelings from the experience. Here are the personal power principles (PPPs) I discovered within one hour at the election board:

PPP#1: As I was standing in a relatively quiet line with hundreds of others waiting to vote today, my phone rang.

“Hello, this is Kelly Roberts.”

Gentleman on the line inquired about marriage counseling.

“My schedule is full right now, but I work with several excellent therapist whom I trust to do good work. Would you like their names and numbers?”

Gentleman on the line agrees, wants me to text him the info, I agree and hang up.

As I’m looking up my colleagues’ contact information the person behind me in line said to her friend, “Yeah, I’m getting physical therapy once a week now. It’s been really rough.” They begin a conversation about health issues.

Behind them a man said to another man, “That need to be me on the phone calling a marriage counselor, if you know what I mean.” They laugh, but then get serious, and start talking about their marriages.

The lady in front of me tries to rubberneck around me to listen in on the other two conversations, then leans up to her friend and says, “Your daughter got in rehab yet?” They both talk in hushed voices, scoot closer together and the conversation goes for another ten minutes.

I put my phone on silent and just grinned.

PPP#2:I’m almost to the voting area, and the group around me is now watching car after car be directed into the handicap parking area, close to the door.

The gentleman directing traffic is laughing, joking with cars and trying to keep the process moving along. On his t-shirt is a slogan that reads:


The two women behind me start commenting to each other, making “oh no he di-unt” sounds about his t-shirt. They felt it was weird, and a little sacrilegious.

I looked at the t-shirt again, and in the middle of the logo was a picture of Buddah. The man was sporting a round belly, and was making light of it.

“Uh, that’s a picture of Buddah in the middle of his t-shirt. He’s making fun of his own ‘Buddah Belly’ (I used air quotes); I think it’s just a good-natured joke.”

“Oh…well…would you look at THAT. I’m glad you said somethin’ because I didn’t even see that Buddah. That makes more sense. [Name of person next to her], see that? It’s a joke! He’s making fun of his own belly.”

The explanation traveled down to two more groups before the mantra left my earshot range.They smiled as the man continued his job.

I smiled as I realized my PPP#2 had just taken place.

PPP#3: The herd of people were led into the first room in groups of 16. Fill out the form, go to the desk, verify who you are, then wait on your name to be called.

As person after person got their ballot, they shuffled toward the “next open voting booth,” saying “Pardon me,” “Excuse me” or “Oops” as they worked their way around people to find their spot.

A smiling lady handed everyone an “I Voted Today” sticker on their way out the door. Many voters grabbed for cigarettes as soon as they reached the open air. Others waited on their friends and observed the scene. A helicopter hovered in the air above.

“Oh great, I hope they’re not chasing someone,” said one observer as they pointed toward the helicopter.

I emerged from the door in just enough time to hear the comment so I joined in the helicopter gazing.

“Um,” I started, “usually copters chasing people are moving or flying somewhere. And, it was in the same spot when we went in. I think it’s watching YOU – the crowd – cast your vote.”

“Yeah, maybe it’s the news!” said the observer as they started smiling, squinting and began to attempt reading the logo on the door. “We might be on the news!”

“Ha,” I thought. “That’s awesome.” I was talking to myself because I was genuinely tickled at how easy it was to change the discussion in this group of people hanging out, casting their vote. I wasn’t trying…it just happened. It was really THAT easy…just say something, ANYTHING, and people respond.

Man, I love voting day. It gets you out of the house and gives you three reminders in less than an hour about your person power of persuasion.

Your personal power principle is discussion changing, perspective switching…and to me, mind-blowing.

Positivity CAN be passed on.

Persuasion is as easy as opening your mouth.

People will parrot precious principles, or pestilent putridness.

It’s up to us…the powerful ones.


What's your super power, and how did you discover it??

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