How to get more twitter followers? Decision SMM panel

7 months ago

Twitter is a huge society where you got not just a right to express yourself and shout about your feelings, but also to get some kind of auditory of people that are listening to you. We all know that celebrities and other popular people have thousands and thousands of followers. Why? What makes the people want to listen to them will all their existence? The answer is simple - people want to get some sacral knowledge to become the same rich and popular as all those people. We have already talked about some of the ways to get the followers including the special super progressive service where for a really reasonable price you can get a huge amount of active followers that will read everything you write to them. This service is already popular in such countries as Japan and USA and we just keep growing getting more and more clients from all over the world.

But let's say you successfully used of previous advices and got the beginning amount of followers. What should we do next? So now we go to the next level!

1. Use the hashtags.

Using the hashtags is a good way to find the people with the same interests which will surely increase the amount of people that will read your twits and find your account.

1. Put the hashtags into your texts of make the twits based on the most popular hashtags (you can always find a list of them on the left column that is called "popular themes"). This will surely increase the amount of people who will see your posts.

2. But don't forget to use the hashtags properly - just add one or two, but don't fill your text with the worlds that has no link to the main text.

2. Follow all of your followers

It may sound weird as we are trying to get more people that will follow us and not the contrary, but actually it's a normal practice as when people follow you, but don't get the same back, they start to unfollow. As in all of the other social media networks Twitter is ruled by the same law "u five me - I give you back".

Moreover, if you do this kind of following, your reader can officially say "thank you" on his page, his followers will see and then you might be followed by these people as well. Of cause as soon as you get more than 100 followers it will be hard to follow everything what's going on in your timeline, so you should choose the people you follow really careful unless you want to turn your Twitter into a mess.

3. Give the link to your twitter account

The most obvious way to increase the amount of your followers is to leave the link to it on your website or your other social media networks. You can also send it to the people's mails or leave in the comments, but it can be taken as spam.

But if you do everything carefully then people, that are already following you in the other social media pages will easily start to follow you there.

Don't forget to make your account visually attractive as well using the interesting design and attractive details - only this can already make a person want to follow you.

4. Try to make a celebrity follow you.

It sounds almost unbelievable, but sometimes it really works and then the amount of your followers will surely increase.

1. First you can just send a public message using @ sign. In this case, it doesn't even matter if you are linked by following or not.

2. Then if you are lucky this celebrity can answer or even retweet your message and then you've got a jackpot!

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