Hologram Reagan Out, Clint Eastwood In: Thursday at the RNC

5 years ago

Wait, the Reagan hologram isn't just a parody Twitter account? Digital Domain, the creators of the Tupac hologram, denied they had hologrammed our 40th president just yesterday. But Yahoo! News reported today that a different company did the job -- and it was to have been unveiled at the convention, though not the main stage -- but now it's been delayed. @HologramReagan has yet to respond on Twitter.

Images: Tim Wagner/ZUMAPRESS.com/Gilbert B. Weingourt/ZUMA Press


Clint Eastwood mystery guest tweets (he's reported to introduce Romney):


Great places to fact-check the speeches tonight (or Paul Ryan's speech from last night, if you don't take all the "he's a liar" reports at face value) -- and the ones next week in the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte:


Last night, Bradley Thompson proposed to his girlfriend, Laura Bowman, on the Republication National Convention stage. Watch:

Just the day before, the GOP also formalized its platform, with three separate planks dealing with marriage -- one called "Defending Marriage Against An Activist Judiciary," and the other "A Sacred Contract: Defense of Marriage."

Guess it's good that those crazy lovebirds are hetero?


The New York Times is reporting that Ron Paul backers helped the Code Pink protesters get onto the floor during Paul Ryan's speech last night. Strange bedfellows, no? Watch the video:


Overheard just outside the convention perimeter:

--Would you like to buy a Romney-Ryan button?

--Ya got any Ron Paul?

--No, sir, I only have the GOP ticket.

--I'll try back later, when you accept the inevitable.


We'll be reporting on tonight's big show and Mitt's speech tonight! Stay tuned...

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