Heh, Heh Eh Heh. Beavis & Butthead Are Back.

5 years ago

Heh, heh heh, heh.

Uh, huh uh huh.


Shut up, Beavis.

All things I was not excited to revisit in 2011.  

In the mid-nineties, Beavis and Butthead encompassed the behavior of every male tool in my class.  The endless chuckling, butt jokes and freedom to act like a dick in public, I remember thinking it was funny for about ten minutes, and then I remembered I wanted to, like, not live in my parent’s basement after high school.

Courtesy of MTV
By the time it was finally canceled in 1997, nobody cared.  

South Park came on the scene, the 400th season of The Simpsons was still going strong, and honestly, who even listened to heavy metal anymore?

They Stephanie Tanner’d themselves.  “How rude” was cute for 2 seasons, but once Stephanie got her period and fixed her underbite, it just became sad.

Even Bart Simpson knew to change it up once the “Eat my Shorts” bumper stickers started to fade on every pizza delivering Ford Escort across America.

And now they’ve decided to relaunch.


Did New Jersey enact prohibition?  Is abstinence back in style?  Did rappers and athletes stop buying 8 billion square foot homes full of cars and almost extinct tigers?

Does Kurt Loder know about this?

Two episodes in...and it’s...hilarious.

I mean yeah, they are still a little irritating, but that may just be my personal distaste for people with large gums.

Still, the overall commentary, the way they rip apart the blatantly ridiculous MTV shows and nonsensical music videos, mixed with the sometimes weird and oh my God am I high right now because this only kinda makes sense plot lines, is spot on.  

It was a decent mix of everything that seems to be working in television right now. A little Tosh.0 snarking and a swig of Mystery Science Theater 3000 mocking, it all worked.

For now, I am enjoying the boys and the way they remind me how bad ass the 90's were.  But I fear my toleration of them will be short lived.  

Especially once a new season of Bob’s Burgers starts.  Now that's comedy.


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