Happiness lessons: Learning how to let go

2 years ago
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Thoughts of letting go of a relationship or losing your jobs can be devastating. Most times, we find ourselves hanging on when in reality things can only get better if we let go. It is however important to live life the easier way. For instance the caterpillars have to let go of their hairy bodies before they can become the amazing butterflies you see flying around today. The same is applicable to human. Happiness Podcast brings the much needed information to enjoy a stress free life
Practice non-attachment
Buddhists believe that desperately hanging on to someone, an outcome or a place can make one suffer. Think about your own life. Have you ever lost something so dear to you? Or had a partner you truly loved but somehow it never worked? These were real heartbreaking moments.
We can add to our pain and unpleasant memories if we are too attached to places, things or people. A remedy to that is learning to be non-attached – knowing that whatever has a beginning will most definitely have an end. Nothing lasts forever. While you enjoy your lush and green gardens in the summer, you should know it won’t last forever – you appreciate that it has time to grow, blossom, flourish but during winter, it will surely fade.
If we can practice this and integrate them into various aspects of our lives, only then can we become emotionally free and happy.
The ancient Greeks are known for their deep knowledge and teachings about how best to live life in a conscious, joyous and peaceful manner. Below are 7 philosophies from the Greeks that will fill you with strength and courage to lead a genuine life.
1.Do everything with “agape” (unconditional love)
Strive to do only the things you have deep passion and love for, most of all, always be your true self.
2.Embrace and learn from your challenges
Find solace in your struggles; be willing and open to new ideas and opportunities.
Try something else...something   new. The biggest obstacle in our life is indeed us.
3.Believe in yourself, listen to yourself and don’t take others too seriously
You know yourself better than anybody else. You will come across those who do not share your views and ideas.  Many will give advice, listen without prejudice, and then follow your heart.
4.Dream about what you desire
Dream, dream big and never cease dreaming.
5.Never give up and never lose faith
Conquer your fear with faith. Humility, faith and love bring miracles. At the right time, all will happen.
6.Strive to think and feel positive at all times
Like the Greeks would say – “think good thoughts”. Replace negative thoughts with good ones. Do away with
negative people and always try to be around positive and happy minded people.
7.Search within for answers and directions
In difficult periods where you need direction, remember to pray, meditate and increase self-knowledge.

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