Handing Off the Torch

5 years ago

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Today's post on Claudsy's Blog  transitions into April's Month of Poetry with a closing of March's challenge and a peek at upcoming attractions.

Poems float through our lives as so much amorphous rhyme and meter, sticking in our heads for a lifetime or simply one Valentine's Day. Poets give voice to our feelings, our experiences, our moods better than we can, without our having to exert ourselves or expose our pain.

We don't have to admit aloud that we know from experience what the poet speaks to. It's enough that we know, that we remember, and that we can release some of what we've carried within secret recesses of our minds. Poets expose their own flaws, tragedies, and joys which allows the reader that release.

"Why would anyone do that?" you ask. As one who writes verse in early morning or late night, I can only say that it quiets the mind and the spirit. The words that flow, the cadence that brings dance to the page, act as a pressure valve to keep bottled experiences or emotions from erupting into lava flows that damage.

The poet uses verse to tranquilize. With release comes surcease from turmoil or pain. With the sharing of joys comes greater joy. The contagion spreads with the words on the page. Smiles do that, too.

Tomorrow, exploration into verse will commence. This exploration may entail poetic forms, poets who are beginning or those who've been publishing for years, or anything in between. I encourage everyone to drop in for a bit of verse on those five-ten minute coffee breaks to have a look-see.

Each day's post will be available from the afternoon on, due to writing prompts that come from various sources. Come and enjoy at: http://claudsy.wordpress.com/ 

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