Halloween Costumes for the Pop Culture Inclined: Sookie, Snooki, Colbert and Zuckerberg!

6 years ago

So invitations to Halloween costume parties are posted on your fridge door with alerts programmed into your Blackberry, but what's your plan? Oh, sure, you could just go as a ghost or a cat (yawn), just as you did in 1981, '85, '91, and '97 -- but where's the fun in that? And you certainly don't want to buy a prepacked "adult sexy gypsy" costume, because that's just, well, sad. No, you are a woman of today! You want a costume that says, "I know what year it is, it's 2010, and my costume is au courant!"

The solution: look to pop culture for inspiration. For example, using entertainment news and trends as your guide, you might want to go with gorgeous flapper glam, a la HBO's new Boardwark Empire, or motorcycle chic inspired by FX's Sons of Anarchy, which is really hitting its stride this year. Halloween gives you a chance to be a cast member for a night on your favorite show, plus your costume will help you find fellow fans in the room, so scan your DVR and favorite gossip mag before you default to that pirate eyepatch one more time, matey.

I've put together some other winning looks for you to consider for Halloween 2010:

The Social Network

I'm sure I don't have to tell you (because your "friends" already have) that Mark Zuckerberg is the 2010 costume of choice, and pulling off the look is as easy as buying a URL that might someday become a gazillion-dollar megalith. All you need is a Harvard hoodie stuffed with cash, flip-flops, and a few brilliant friends and/or venture capitalists. Bonus points for a button that says "Privacy is for Losers."

Lady Gaga

"Meat Suit" says everything you could possibly want to say. Gaga's newsworthy costume is overripe with possibilities. I wish I had known at the beginning of the year to save my family's Boca Burger boxes, because a vegan version of the Meat Suit would be outstanding. Or a few strategically-placed felt T-bones would do the trick too -- and, unlike the real thing, would not attract flies. (Who knew a celebrity could be overexposed and wearing beef at the same time?)

Katy Perry Does The Grouch

Everyone has heard about the removal of Katy's Sesame Street clip which did-or-did-not shock preschoolers (or made them thirsty?) by revealing too much cleavage. Do you have a stuffed Elmo at the bottom of the toybox in the basement? Totally easy to Velcro the muppet's hands to the bodice of a low-cut dress and va-voom! Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sexame Street?

Jersey Shore

Between MTV's new Miami season and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino on Dancing With the Stars, the Jersey Shore kids offer prime holiday fodder, because they live each day in costume. You know you want a chance to rock a fake tan and bumped hair, drink until you are glassy-eyed at the club, and then jump the chick who dares take to your man. Say it: "My man!" That's fun, isn't it? Take a tip from Snooki and remove your oversized hoop earring first while chatting very calmly, as though you aren't jealous, no, you are just removing your jewelry to get ready to wash your orange face and then go to bed but then -- whoomp -- it is on! Jersey Shore is a great couples or group costume concept, though fair warning: Your man might find himself lifting his shirt to brag about his abs in public, because he'll find it a lot of fun to point to his belly and say "This, THIS is the Situation." Or maybe you will. What do I know?

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert

The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are a big, big story this Halloween, with both Comedy Central geniuses poised to descend with their minions upon D.C. on October 30th. Whether you are Rallying to Restore Sanity or Marching to Keep Fear Alive from a party at home, a funny sign attached to a poster downloaded from one of their sites is all you need to represent. On a recent show, Stewart suggested a sign that says, "I Disagree With You ... But I'm Pretty Sure You're Not Hitler." However, as Colbert says: "Never forget reason is one letter away from treason." Pick a side, any side.

NEW YORK - OCTOBER 02: TV personality Stephen Colbert (L) and host Jon Stewart speak onstage at Comedy Central's Night Of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Concert For Autism Education at the Beacon Theatre on October 2, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

We also had a few suggestions for you last year that might still work in 2010 -- True Blood, Glee and Joan from Mad Men are still contenders, or you could rock an evergreen like sexy Sarah Palin. Maybe you and a friend or partner or husband could do a Snooki vs. Sookie couples costume! Do you have any pop culture-inspired ideas for Halloween to share? What's your costume of choice this year?

Like Christine O'Donnell, Contributing Editor Deb Rox is not a witch, but she'd play one on TV if she could, because the Bewitched Halloween episodes were epic. R.I.P. Elizabeth Montgomery et al.

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