Gwyneth Doesn't Relate to the 'Average' Mom - but She Doesn't Have To

4 years ago

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Ms. Gwyneth Paltow's recent E Interview caused the internet to go ape - with moms leading the charge. I've read countless blog posts, and an open letter to GP condemning her for not being in touch with the the average mom.

Every parent I know thinks they have it the worst : stay at home moms think it would be easier to be a working mom; working moms want to know what stay at home moms do all day. Part time working moms feel they are doing two full time jobs and can only image how easy it would be to be a full time working mom or better yet a stay at home mom.

It is a constant mom-battle. Whichever option we are in seems to be the hardest, and the other options are easy peasy. Enter GP. Being away from your children for weeks at a time would be difficult. Yes, she has the resource to make sure her children and home  are well looked after while she is away, but it still means missed school runs, perhaps a dance recital, or a play, or soccer games. Any parent who is missing time with their kids for work will think if they had chosen a different option, it would be easier to make that time. The thing I think the GP bashers are missing here is she doesn't have to. I venture to guess that additional income is not 'required' for an heiress. She could be at home, filling our tabloids with her latest exploits instead of running her brand website GOOP, creating cook books and acting.

Do her comments show she is out of touch with the 'average' working mom. Absolutely. But why are we picking on her all of sudden?

  • 43 million people watched the 2014 Oscars. 43 million of us watched actresses with bodies that take hours of a work day, pose in dresses that cost thousands, both draped in millions of jewels. I assure you, if you are wearing 10 million dollars worth of Harry Winston jewels, you do not identify with the average working stiff.
  •  Miguel Cabrera just signed a $292 million dollar contract with the Detroit Tigers. Apparently, that is $49,423 each time he goes up to bat. (The median annual income of a household in Michigan: $48,471.). Do you think Mr. Cabrera is in touch with the working class person in Detroit?? I don't watch baseball, but I haven't heard of a boycott of the team, or the game, or an internet flood of blog posts wanting to know why he can't just play for the fun of the game.
  • Manolo Blahnik. Christan Louboutin. Tiffany's. Or any other high end brand on the market. At $1600 for a pair of boots, I assure you Blahnik's are not for the average working mom. I don't see the internet raging with open letters to Mr. Blahnik that he be required to make a PayLess version of his shoes.

The average working mom is happy to observe and partake in celebrity, a world we can't really understand or identify with, and yet we are shocked when the celebrity is unable to understand or identify with us? GP doesn't have any idea what it is like to be a 9-5 working parent anymore than I have any idea how one sits down in a dress that was sewn on you that morning.

We all live within the constraints, or freedoms, our incomes dictate. Let's focus on doing the best we can for our families, and helping out others along the way, instead of worrying about if other people, specifically strangers of the Hollywood elite, 'get' us.

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