Great Ideas to get more Instagram Followers

a year ago
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Instagram is a platform that allows its users to share and download photos within the Instagram community or through social networks. Having more followers is essential to increase your presence on the Instagram network, but knowing where to start can be difficult.
You may have seen growth in the number of followers; you may have about a hundred followers, but then it stagnates. It's more or less at this point in your stay on Instagram that you might think: Oh, this is impossible.  
Well, I have good news today. Let's go over some very simple ways through which your Instagram account gets some important credibility in the form of followers:
1. Follow accounts that share similar interests
Instagram is a community and you will earn followers if you actively participate in this community. This means interacting beyond a simple transfer of photos. Find people who post photos that interest you and also follow their accounts. This will display their latest photos on your news feed. Do not blindly follow anyone else or your feed would become too overburdened and cumbersome to deal with. Simply follow the accounts that seem most interesting to you as this would also help you to get targeted Instagram followers.
2. Love and comment on photos.
Once you start following certain people, spend some time to enjoy and comment on their photos. Not only will your contact person be proud and happy, but other people can also see your name or comment and will take a look at your profile. If you remain active, this can lead to a continuous flow of new followers.
3. Answer the comments your followers have put on your photos
 Interacting with your friends is essential for them to stay active and keep following you. Respond to interesting comments and thank your followers if they are kind enough to leave you a compliment. If a follower asks you a relevant question, take the time to answer it correctly.
4. Ask questions to your subscribers
 Use the photo caption to ask questions of your followers . This will make your section more active comments that will attract more followers eager to follow your photos.
Think of posting something that makes your readers interact with your photos, such as "Double-click if you found this quite funny" or "Share your story in the comment." This will help the Instagram community to interact with your photos.
5. Link your Instagram account to your Facebook account
 Instagram is now part of the Facebook family and you risk losing to a large number of potential fans if you do not interconnect your accounts. All your Instagram messages will also be published in Facebook, giving you twice as much chance of being seen. 
You can interconnect your accounts via the "Settings" menu of Instagram.
6. Try to find hashtags corresponding to your subscriber group
Hashtags are short words and phrases that describe and classify images. The hashtags help people when searching for your images and they can add your images to current trends. The use of hashtags is extremely important if you want to have more followers . 
If you have a good amount of followers, you can try to create your own hashtags. This could either be the name of your company or a slogan that applies to many of your photos. This will give a brand image to your Instagram account and will also engender your account to a more supportive community of Instagram influencers.
7. Publish your photos at the right time
Instagram is a very popular service and the flow of your followers is likely to vary continuously. If you want as many people as possible to see your photos, you have to put them online at the right time. The best time to publish your photos is in the morning and at the end of the day, after the usual end of the working day or school corresponding to your audience. 
Photos published in Instagram generally remain visible for about 4 hours on your subscribers' page. Avoid putting them online in the middle of the night, that is, when your friends are likely to be sleeping!
8. Publish regularly
Do not put all your photos online at the same time. If you have multiple photos you want to share, spread out their publication over a few days. If you publish too many photos at a time, your followers may not view them all. On the other hand, if you do not publish often enough and not regularly enough, it will be difficult to retain your subscribers and to find new ones.

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