Government Pension for Serial Killer

7 years ago

Upon hearing that Canada's notorious serial killer Clifford Olson's has the ability to collect Old Age Security and the Guaranteed Income Supplement, I was incensed! Like many Canadians flooding the radio shows, newspapers and their MP's email box, I too do not want my tax dollars going to support a multiple life term murderer.

If anyone is unfamiliar with this monster he was convicted of killing 11 boys and girls but has admitted to killing far more. He already received his blood money of a reported $100,000 to provide police with the bodies of victims. Growing up in the stomping grounds of this killer and knowing someone personally who escaped his grasp and later testified in court, this is of particular importance to me that he receives nothing. The public and the families of his victims deserve more than having to constantly deal with this man taking advantage of our systems.

He changed the way we lived; our parents were affected, schools implemented strategies to protect students going to and from the grounds and as children the way we saw our surroundings and strangers was never the same. All the while this guy roamed the streets, cleverly devised ways to lure children and did this without his own families knowledge. They were safe, we were not and all this money he has received goes to his estate.

Our Prime Minister Stephen Harper is looking at options through Human Resources to exclude prisoners from this money and they have the full backing of me and many others to do just that. Any money he received should have been given to the victims families or victim assistance programs. No dime should flow his way!

I have taken the two minutes to email my local MP's office and I implore readers to do the same if you agree that tax payers dollars should not be given to prisoners, especially men like this who committed such heinous murders. We are currently forced to house, feed and provide necessary medical care for this creature but I refuse to believe tax payers should be forced to provide  pensions.

Stand up and be counted! If you lend your voice this may change, he should not have control over us!

If you are not from Canada but are reading this, find out if your Government is providing pensions to these types of prisoners. Decide for yourself if you can live with your money going to that prisoner or would you rather it go to someone who is deserving.

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