Goodbye, Will Gardner...(Sniff, sniff)

3 years ago

Spoiler Alert:  (If you haven't seen the most recent episode of The Good Wife, stop here.  Go watch it, then return).

Like many others I spent most of yesterday, Monday morning, in mourning.  We lost Will Gardner Sunday night on The Good Wife and I'm sure I can speak for most if not all of The Good Wife fans when I say I did not see that coming.  In fact, I still want to believe it's not true.  I want to believe that we missed some tricky move by Kalinda somewhere between when she knelt beside his bleeding body in the courtroom until we saw him lying lifeless on the gurney hidden behind a curtain alone in the ER.  I want to believe that somehow he survived and they stopped the massive bleeding from his neck wound, and faked his death to escape the harrassment from the NSA.  But alas, we knew it was him and that all hope was lost when we saw his shoeless foot.  

It's so dramatic and shocking and it takes away all hope that Will may ever return.  We must accept that the only time Will can appear now is in flashbacks (and he must because I checked on IMBD how many episodes he'll be in).  We grieve for Alicia because she doesn't yet know what we know.  Last we saw of her, she just put the phone to her ear and had not yet heard the news that will shatter her heart.  

I must admit that while I will watch for a bit to see how this plays out, it was the banter and tension between Will and Alicia that made me want to tune in the past while.  I've been a fan since commencement of the show, but it was the heated competition that also had a hint of loyalty to each other at times, that drew me in.  From the previews, it doesn't look like Peter steps up and gets some morals and supports Alicia either.  His true colors bleed out again and again and it doesn't appear he will be the knight in shining armor that will comfort her in Will's absence.  

Will was a pretty big deal.  He gave Alicia the chance no one ever would.  Maybe we should have seen his depature coming.  After all, there was a little foreshadowing;  the flashbacks showing us how they met back up years after college when Alicia was hanging by a thread, trying to find a job and a way to support herself and her children, when suddenly Will appeared in the doorway of the elevator, and their story began again.  Then there was the hint of reconciliation, renewed comradery, just moments before the shootings when Alicia told Will his client was potentially stepping out behind his back and she wanted to afford him the courtesy of that information.  They exchanged that banter we love so much and even smiles.  Little did we know, that was the last exchange between them that we'd witness.

We will miss you, Will.  You were a bit of a ladies' man, somewhat of a scoundrel at times, but we liked you for Alicia and through the bitterness you held against her, we still knew in the worst of times you would be there for her.  Now, this is indeed her worst of times and there is no Will for Alicia...


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