Go Granny: Hottie Cloris Leachman on Why Us Geeks Need Reliable Technology More Than Tight Leather

6 years ago

[Our domain registrar for BlogHer.com, Network Solutions, invited BlogHer, Inc. to be a part of this ad campaign. BlogHer received compensation, but the experiences (and opinions) below are all ours.]

There's a new leather-clad hottie in town with her own Super Bowl commercial, and her name is Cloris Leachman. Prepare to wet your pants.

Cloris: "Go granny my ass! Pretty soon you're going to see those girls on the TV shaking their booty, selling Web sites. And frankly, I'm offended. Because I did it first! (She jabs herself in the chest.) ME!"


When the Network Solutions team told me, Elisa, and Jory that they were going to spoof Go Daddy's cleavage-and-hiney-baring Super Bowl ads featuring the infamous "Go Daddy Girls," we were shocked. Shocked I tell you. "Why ever would you do that?" we asked, tossing our manes in front of my wind machine (obviously a critical business tool that I keep mounted in my office especially for video conference calls). Elisa and Jory preened. I purred. And then my bra strap broke.

Okay, I made that up. Actually, Elisa, Jory, and I asked, "How do we help?" Because who better than Frau Blucher -- I mean, Cloris Leachman -- to poke fun at the idea that tight leather on hot chicks delivers the best web sites? Make no mistake -- Web sites are hot with women; Most U.S. small businesses are started by women, who also are the majority of internet users. But our experience as BlogHer's co-founders is much more aligned with Network Solutions' message: That customer service and great marketing tools are what users need to build their businesses online.

So, despite never having done anything remotely similar to this since BlogHer's inception, we decided to join forces with Network Solutions and their secret weapon, Cloris, to show that a keen business sense and sense of humor contribute more to a hot business plan than black leather.

And boy howdy, did Cloris deliver the hawtness in this spoof.

Cloris: "Yep, that's my ride. I won it playin' Texas hold 'em. And I'm not talking about playing cards either." (Photo: Bret Hartman)


For ten solid hours, surrounded by 30 people, Academy Award winner Leachman, who gave us Phyllis Lindstrom of Mary Tyler Moore, and who guest-starred on television greats ranging from Perry Mason to The Love Boat to Dancing with the Stars, gyrated, pole-danced, licked young men on the set and made sweet love to the camera. Yes, the writing was great. But the true great was the woman in the cropped leather jacket and tight jeans.

I watched her do about 30 takes of the same line, every one different. I think my personal favorite moment was her pole dance.

Cloris cocks a leg around the pole, swans around it, slides down and looks up at the camera, making eyes like a forties movie queen. Then her face clouds as she pretends she cannot get up: "Ah, little help?! (Photo: Bret Hartman)


I worked up my courage and asked Cloris to tell me the secret: "What's the best comedy -- brilliant lines? Or improv?"

"Oh, I always say the lines, you have to say the lines," said Cloris. "But objects are key. The object is everything."

Then she arranged me beside her for the photo, while I tried to smile and act like I hug warm, friendly, hilarious legends who have won an Oscar, every day.

(Photo: Elaine Wu)


So tell me: What do you think of the ad? Do we succeed in the hawtness, and in making our point that geeks (girls and boys) need reliable technology more than we need tight leather?

*See the video again at www.networksolutions.com/video.

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