Glee: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

4 years ago

If you watched Thursday's episode of Glee than you know how depressing the episode was (and if you are like me, you shed a couple tears throughout the episode). Lets delve into Glee's episode appropriately titled "The Break-Up"

Finn/Rachel-- Last week Finn showed up at Rachel and Kurt's apartment just as things were getting hot and heavy with Brody. Rachel was clearly happy to see him but wondered why he wasn't in his army uniform. Turns out Finn just wasn't the "army type" as he had shot himself in the thigh (with the gun that he named Rachel because all the guys name their guns) and was semi-honorably discharged from the military. Rachel invited Finn to all her classes to see what he thought and agreed to help him get into NYADA seeing as he wanted to be an actor before joining the military. So Finn goes to Rachel's classes and sees more and more that Rachel is happy and that she has changed but it's when he is invited to karaoke night with the other students from NYADA. Finn basically pushes Rachel into Brody's arm and they sing a duet together ("Give Your Heart A Break") Finn felt that they sounded good together and later in the episode accused Rachel of doing more with Brody but she denied "doing Brody" and said that they only kissed (which is true) and Rachel in turn asked Finn where has he been all these months away without any contact and she did exactly what he said, enjoy her life which in turn he said was a stupid thing to say. They fought some more, tears were had and they went to bed angry that night and Finn left early in the morning to head to Lima and talk to Mr. Shue. Rachel eventually figured out where he would be, hopped on a plane and they had it out in the auditorium where he proposed. It was probably one of the hardest break-ups to watch as Rachel told him that she wanted him to not only be her first love but her only love but she knows that it is over now. They kissed and parted ways (and yes I will get to that final song/scene that happened after that kiss)

Blaine/Kurt--Ok I admit that I probably most mad about this break-up because I felt that it was so out of character what Blaine did. Backing up, it's clear that Blaine is depressed about Kurt not being able to make time for him (including breaking a "phone date" that they planned) but what the viewers find out right away is that Blaine has been cheating on Kurt with a guy named Eli as evident by the text that he sent Blaine (What's up Sexy? and Wanna hang out later?) Blaine smiled at the texts but we didn't get to meet this mystery character instead Blaine took a last minute flight to be with Kurt. He surprised Kurt at the apartment and goes with him, Rachel and Finn to the bar to sing. Blaine is clearly depressed/sad over something and tells them that he wants to sing a song, cue probably the saddest versions of "Teenage Dream" that Blaine has ever sang (fun fact, Darren Criss is actually the one that created the music to that accoustic version of "Teenage Dream"). As Blaine started singing tears started sprouting and the look on Kurt's face dropped and he knew something was wrong. While walking a ways behind Rachel and Finn in the park, Blaine revealed that he had cheated on Kurt once and hooked up with someone but it didn't mean anything. He explained to Kurt that he basically felt alone and felt the distance between them. Kurt of course wasn't happy and told him that he kept even though he is here he would never cheat because he made that promise to Blaine.  These two went to bed angry too (Kurt/Rachel/Finn/Blaine all sang "Don't Speak" while in bed). Blaine later showed back up in Lima and went to the choir room where Finn was, Finn asked why he did it and Blaine said he didn't know why and he doesn't even know if they are broken up. Before Blaine could say anything else the rest of the Glee club showed up to greet Finn. Later in the episode Blaine sent Kurt flowers at work but Kurt threw away the card signaling the end.

Brittany/Santana--Can I say it was so so so great seeing Santana, she is one of my favorite characters and I absolutely love her voice. Santana apparently comes back to Lima every could weeks to do laundry at her moms so that she can see Brittany. It was a sweet moment between them and while they were talking Brittany tells her that she started reading the Left Behind series and has joined the group (headed by mega bitch Kitty) and wants Santana to come to the meeting. Santana goes with her (along with other memebers of the Glee club) and mega bitch Kitty (who I absolutely do not like and wish they would just get rid of the character already) talks about the rapture and blah blah blah, honestly it was the most boring scene in the episode but when the kids faked a rapture to freak out one of the kids Brittany said that she knows how it feels to be left behind, it sucks, it brought us a bigger picture of how Brittany felt. Later in the episode Brittany and Santana are having a heart to heart and Santana basically tells her that this isn't going to work but that she still loves her. She tells Brittany that she never cheated on her but was tempted, in a way, by another woman and that she doesn't want to hurt Brittany. She then sings the song "Mine" which tells you everything you need to know about this relationship that has officially been broken apart (at least they will remain friends).

Mr Shue/Emma--Ok they didn't break up and it wasn't that much of a scene but Mr. Shue basically wants Emma to drop everything and go with him for a couple months to DC while he is on that blue ribbon panel. She tells him that she loves her job and doesn't want to be stuck in a hotel room while he is out there living his dream (completely agree with her!) They fight but we won't get the rest of their feelings until next week.

Final Song-- In probably one of many heartbreaking moments that Glee has done, the final song/performance in this episode is definitely in the top 5 moments. Finn, in the auditorium, starts to sing "The Scientist" and we get flashes of Rachel/Finn in the beginning of their relationship. Next up Blaine joins in and we get a flash of Kurt/Blaine when they first met, then Santana starts in the song and again we get a flashback of her and Brittany smiling together. Lastly we get Will/Emma starting to sing and again we get that flashback. Rachel joins in on the vocals as well and the song just comes together beautifully! I recommend going and downloading the music from this episode because it fit so beautifully with the episode. At the end of the song we have Finn standing alone in the auditorum, really wonderful song to end such a depressing episode.

Other Things--Not much else happend in the episode, Kitty and Jake broke up and it looks like him and Marley will probably get together. We get a glimpse of what Finn will be doing (he will be directing the Glee kids in the musical Grease...yep Glee is going to be performing songs from Grease and Mike and Mercedes are going to help!!) Glee is on a break until November 2nd so Glee recaps will resume next month.

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