A Girl's Obsession: The L Word

8 years ago

For anyone who is a fan of the show, and maybe even those who are not but know that the show premiered quite some time ago, you must be thinking "Aren't you a little late?" The answer would be yes - six years too late to be exact. But as the saying goes, better late than never. And I couldn't agree more! I began watching The L Word at the beginning of its sixth and final season and I have been so engrossed by it that I now have some serious DVD renting to do. I also have been so affected by this season alone that I decided the only thing to do was to share with you.
I knew of the series, but I never knew when it aired or anything else about it really.

Nonetheless, while I was waiting for Secret Diary of a Call Girl to come on one Sunday evening I decided to watch The L Word since I wasn't particularly into anything else at that moment. This way, in my lazy mind, I could get comfy and stay comfy on my sofa without having to reach for the remote at the appropriate time to change the channel. I tell you the mind works in wondrous ways! Anyway, on comes The L Word and by the end of the show I find myself wide eyed and mouth agape. The story lines, the love affairs, the scandal, the disbelief; it was an experience like no other. So every following Sunday I readied myself on the sofa with a beer and some licorice and enjoyed two entertaining hours of Showtime's best (which includes The United States of Tara - also highly recommended).

From my very first episode I immediately felt a kinship with each character, all played so sincerely and completely by an ensemble cast of well-known veterans, like Jennifer Beals and Pam Grier, and lesser-known faces, like Rose Rollins and Daniela Sea. The neurotic Jenny Schecter must have been a field day for actress Mia Kirshner to play, as her devilishly innocent face is often at the center of the most scandalous stories. I can't decide if I love to hate her, or hate to love her. But I definitely love to love the matter-of-fact Alice Pieszecki, played by Leisha Hailey who is too humorous and adorable not to love. She can flip even the foulest story lines on its head with her spontaneous wit, causing bursts of laughter between the Oh-no-she-di'nt-s! But don't mistake Alice for someone who never has it rough, struggling with her career and relationships as earnestly as the other characters. And characters they all are: the incredible power couple of Bette and Tina, the wreckless and sexy Shane, successful and unlucky-in-love Helena, strong and caring Tasha, the straight and sassy Kit, and the pre-op pregnant Max. With a character outline like that, the show is sure to be entertaining!

But more than the electic group of characters, the dynamic relationships between this group of friends and lovers is really what got me hooked. What may sometimes be dismissed as just a show meant to push the boundaries, or people's buttons, is really a deep, heartfelt look at the lives of a group of women representing who ultimately represent all of us. They love, they hurt, they endure, they triumph. And while the limitations of being a TV series can sometimes sneak up in the plot making certain situations less likely, any viewer should be able to identify with their world no matter how foreign it may appear to be at a distance.

Bottom line, I highly recommend The L Word...err, at least the DVDs. It's so much more than just a series about a bunch of lesbians. And regardless of your orientation, the show is just plain ol' HOT! I'll probably have a follow up once I'm able to attack the last 5 seasons of DVDs, but in the mean time... Does anyone know who really killed Jenny Schecter??

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