Girls Against Boys

6 years ago

Talk about excited.

When I saw the title of Beyoncé's latest video “Run the World (Girls),” all I could think of was how fast I would be able to embed the video code of One Dynamite Brown Girl singing One Dynamite Girl Power song anthem on to®. What a perfect fit. (Plus, I just love me some Bey.)  And as quickly as you could say I’m one of those girls who runs the world, I made the decision to pre-empt my regularly scheduled Foodie Friday post and come up with some super clever language about ruling the world and such. I had it all figured out.

And then I watched the video.

I’m sorry; did she just sing “We run this Mother” like…I dunno 15 times? Whose mother? Mother what? Are young girls going to be going around singing “Mommy, I run this Mother!”?  And did she just flip me The Bird? Come on, Bey. I get that everyone is trying to get their Lady GaGa on and be all edgy and stuff, but you were in Dreamgirls for God’s sake. Wasn't it rated PG-13?  Didn't you perform at the Inaugural Ball for President Obama?  (I bet Sasha and Malia aren't allowed to sing about running this Mother.)  Besides, I thought you gave up Sasha Fierce and were aiming for a more sophisticated style of performance. Maybe not. *Shrug*

And while I could go on and on typing about the mixed message you’re sending to young girls while you drop it like it’s hot and show everyone your panties while singing about running the world, I won’t. Instead, I’d like to point out that during the entire video, there appears to be this rather antagonistic energy between the males and females. What’s up with that? Can’t we run the world and still love men too? I don’t like the Girls Against Boys vibe.

I was so disappointed, I had to ask my husband if he thought I had become a prude. I didn’t ask him because I’m opposed to sexy provocative videos; after all, I’m One Grown Girl too and I SO don't want to be a prude. But I wanted to know if I had perhaps lost some of my edge because this particular sexy and provocative video is even a little over the top for me. And I’ve got piercings and tattoos and stuff. (As if that matters. LOL)

I know that my little blog post isn’t going to make any waves in the scope of Beyoncé’s larger than life persona, but I wanted to find out if I was alone in my thoughts; if maybe I’m over-reacting to the running this Mother stuff, the showing your panties and singing about running the world at the same time stuff; oh yeah, and the one that bugs me the most, the Girls Against the Boys stuff.  (Great make-up and hair, extraordinary dancing and awesome cinematography, by the way.)


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