George Will On Rape

3 years ago

George Will, yet another grey-faced man with a two dollar haircut, has opened his precious pie-hole and assured his reading audience (both of them) that rape isn’t REALLY happening on college campuses. Nope. No actual non-consensual sex acts are taking place. Instead, feminazis and libruls have made being raped such a “coveted status that confers privileges” that bitches just be lining up to claim they were raped; or as Will puts it, “victims proliferate”.

You know, because you just have a grand ol’ time as a rape victim trying to get justice:

“A casual look at both our criminal justice system, military justice system and the academic disciplinary system under scrutiny right now reveals that each tend to punish survivors, not reward them. When a young midshipman came forward about her alleged assault at the hands of a former Naval Academy football player, she was questioned for 20 hours by 12 attorneys and forced to answer questions about how wide she opened her mouth during oral sex and whether or not she considered herself a “ho” after the alleged assault occurred. When the woman requested a day off after five days of questioning, one attorney said, “We don’t concede there’s been any stress involved.” Another survivor at Columbia University was put on academic probation after she came forward about her assault because the school considered her a “mental health liability.”

George Will is very perturbed about the pleasures these supposed victims are lolling about in. Why, everything is for the comfort and convince of rape victims! He wants to know why rape victims need to be given such bogus luxuries as “trigger warnings”. George knows that trigger warnings are simply “soft censorship [trying] to swaddle students in a “safe,” “supportive,” “unthreatening” environment, intellectual comfort for the intellectually dormant.”

George Will apparently thinks it is intellectually lazy to have PTSD as an effect of rape. Moreover, he thinks that all this yammering about consent to sex acts just makes “everyone hypersensitive, even delusional, about victimizations”. Hear that ladies? Your rape was all in your pretty little confused head.

The REAL victims, George the Twatwaffle explains, are the men having to defend themselves from accusations of rape in a “hook-up culture”:

“Threatening to withdraw federal funding, the department mandates adoption of a minimal “preponderance of the evidence” standard when adjudicating sexual assault charges between males and the female “survivors” — note the language of prejudgment. Combine this with capacious definitions of sexual assault that can include not only forcible sexual penetration but also nonconsensual touching. Then add the doctrine that the consent of a female who has been drinking might not protect a male from being found guilty of rape. Then comes costly litigation against institutions that have denied due process to males they accuse of what society considers serious felonies.”

Wow. Women shouldn’t whine about non-consensual touching because boys will be boys and if the stupid chicks were drunk then their knowledgeable consent is assumed. Notice how that asshat George calls it the “consent of a female who has been drinking” rather than “raping a woman who is unable to say no because of impairment or unconsciousness”?  Dammit, why won’t rape victims think of the sensibilities of their attackers when they pass out?

Being “swaddled” is also only something that happens when victims are given merciful treatment. According to George Will, a victim jumping through hoops to show she was “really” raped is not “swaddling” the men who raped her; it’s just doing the right thing for the poor dear darling boys who may or may not be clear on what a “yes” actually is. Assuming rape victims are telling the truth is swaddling them and is stupid, but assuming that accused rapists are telling the truth isn’t swaddling; it’s “due process”.

The difference is clear. Look in your pants. Do you have a dick? Then no one is swaddling you because patriarchal privilege is a myth, sunshine. Only people who potentially threaten that mythical privilege can be swaddled by adequate care.

George Will is the walking embodiment of hypersensive misogynistic reactions to attacks on patriarchal hierarchy and rape culture.

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