Generational Profiles of the Mobile Woman: A BlogHer Infographic

4 years ago

When BlogHer conducted our first Women & Consumer Electronics Study in 2012, we found that mobile devices were nipping at the heels of our beloved computers as our most can't-live-without technology tool. Just one year later, that transition is a fait accompli, with mobile device ownership ubiquitous, and most women favoring that device over any other.



Millennials have never known a time when their address book (and the world’s information) wasn’t at their fingertips, but today the dependence on mobile devices to manage all aspects of life spans every generation of woman. Our mobile devices are always with us, becoming, as we like to say at BlogHer, the "remote control for our lives." We are dependent on and passionate about our devices, so it makes sense we would find a lot to love about our devices ... and a lot to worry about, too.

This year we took a look at how different generations of women feel about their mobile devices and teased out the differences between those generations.

To that end, we have released a new infographic (above) that summarizes the results of our second annual consumer electronics study (December 2012). The finding: We are all "the mobile generation" now!

The details: Women of all ages were asked to describe their purchasing personas for electronic gadgets, what they love most about this constant companion, and which fears accompany their mobile dependence. The results revealed three distinct profiles of the mobile woman. Meet the mobile generations.

The Recession Millennials (Aged 18-27)

Millennials are mobile natives, and current technology marketing might lead you to believe that the prime target to purchase a brand-new device is an urban hipster young adult. Going into the fifth year of a slow recovery from recession, this study's findings indicate that, instead, money (or lack thereof) may keep them from living up to their early adopter reputation. Millennials are 31 percent more likely to say they’ll “use a gadget until it doesn’t work anymore.” Lack of funds may also explain the greatest fear Millennials have about their gadgets: That they’ll get stolen.

The Gen X Early Adopters (Aged 28-45)

Gen X women are the real power-consumers of mobile, and the most likely to label themselves as “Early Adopters.” True to their reputation as multitaskers, Gen X women love their devices because “it does it all.” Mobile dependence is a double-edged sword, however, as this generation -— most likely to be at the peak of their work and family life -— is 25 percent more likely to fear they are too distracted by their gadgets to focus on their families.

The Boomer Bargain-Hunters (Aged 46-64)

The BlogHer Consumer Electronics Study highlights that anyone using the "so easy your mom would use it" trope doesn't really know what their mom is up to. Boomer women want gadgets; they're just willing to wait for a good price. This generation is the most likely to wait just six to 12 months to see if prices come down on the latest electronic tools and toys. That still puts them ahead of Millennials in terms of how quickly they want to adopt new tools.

Download the complete infographic above to see additional data about what each generation most loves and fears about their electronic gadgets.

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